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  5-Star Wellness Retreat

Award-winning wellness retreat program

Named Best Health & Wellness Resort by USA TODAY

At Skyterra Wellness Retreat, our mission is to make a difference in people’s lives by demonstrating healthy, enjoyable, and sustainable lifestyle changes. 365 days a year, we offer a wide range of health-promoting and personal enrichment activities in one relaxing environment.

Spend your days on the trails, on the mat, in the gym, or simply in reflection. Even better, choose a mix of everything. Follow along with the weekly schedule in the way that feels best for you.

We want our wellness program to accommodate diverse priorities, so we've designed it to be fun, customizable, and holistic. Learn more: explore different elements of our program and browse sample schedules below.

Elements of the skyterra program

Stress Management

Cultivating a resilient mindset is an essential part of lifelong wellness. We teach and practice strategies for stress management that you can work into your lifestyle once you return home.

Learn More: Stress Management at Skyterra


We offer a variety of continually evolving fitness classes that are informed by the latest exercise research. Our classes and coaches inspire and challenge individuals of all levels. They're also fun – you'll be more exhilarated by exercise than you ever thought possible!

Learn More: Fitness at Skyterra

Food & Nutrition

Discard the diet mentality – our goal is to promote a natural tendency toward eating well. Our idea of healthy eating honors your needs, preferences, and beliefs.

Learn More: Food & Nutrition at Skyterra

Recreation & Adventure

Recreation helps us thrive – it excites us, brings us closer to nature, and shows us how much we're capable of. Our approach to wellness always includes an element of adventure.

Learn More: Recreation & Adventure at Skyterra

Weight Loss

If weight loss is your priority, the activities and education classes at Skyterra will impart techniques and strategies to help you lose weight safely and effectively, in a way that improves your quality of life and honors your mind, body, and individuality.

Learn More: Weight Loss at Skyterra

Additions & Enhancements

For a more personalized experience, enhance your stay with spa treatments, one-on-one coaching, off-campus excursions, and other optional services.

Learn More: Spa & Services at Skyterra

How does it all come together?

A possible day

What is a typical day at Skyterra like? View a sample schedule. 

Sample weekly schedule

Minimum stay at Skyterra is one week, and you may stay as long as you'd like. The schedule varies with the season. View a sample week.