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Fitness at skyterra

Move well & enjoy yourself

Our promise: fitness for everybody

As a wellness retreat, Skyterra is a better option for your long-term health than a boot camp or a "fat camp." Our continually evolving fitness classes are informed by the latest scientific research. They are designed to inspire and challenge individuals of all levels. They're also fun – you'll be more exhilarated by exercise than you ever thought possible!

New Approaches to Motivation

Workouts, classes, and activities

Each day there are several different options for workouts, movement, and recreation. Workouts include strength training for functional fitness, low- and high-intensity cardio, circuit training, and quick high-efficiency classes. We also offer weekly restorative, grounding, and strength-building yoga practices, guided hiking to mountain vistas and waterfalls, and a multitude of seasonal recreation options.

Educational opportunities

There's more to fitness than moving your body – you should also know how to move well. That's why our program has an educational component. Our selection of lectures and workshops cut through the false and misleading information out there. You'll take in engrossing talks on topics like metabolic issues and insulin resistance, maximizing your routine to increase muscle mass and lose excess fat, and the biology and psychology behind changing habits and lasting motivation.

You will leave Skyterra all the tools you need to follow an exercise regimen that brings you closer to your goals. You'll learn how to move with good form, follow an efficient fitness routine, and enhance your quality of life in the process.

Fitness lecture

How skyterra improves your fitness

Establish your starting point


At Skyterra, you'll begin with a non-invasive body composition test and mobility screening. This information gives you a clear picture of your starting point so you can set meaningful short- and long-term goals.

  • Body Composition Scan: The number on the scale is not the best indicator of your overall health! We use a start-of-the-art InBody machine to determine your lean muscle mass, body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate (the minimum number of daily calories your body needs to function), and other key physical indicators.
  • Mobility Screening: To prevent injuries, avoid pain, and measure progress, we evaluate your range of motion and flexibility before getting started.
  • Safety: We address your personal health concerns and questions during the intake process. Your safety and comfort is our number one priority!

Learn with our trainers


Trademark benefits of Skyterra classes:

  • Small classes led by experts. Our trainers are leaders in their fields who are invested in your success. Our high staff-to-guest ratio and small class size ensure all of the personal attention you need.
  • Alternating "active" and "rest" days, so you can safely stay moving and enjoy a full spectrum of activities.
  • Whole-person approach. You won't have to grind through the same workouts day after day. You'll also have opportunities to improve your range of motion and balance, learn physical self-care techniques like fascial release and restorative practices, and explore all of the other pillars of wellness.

If you have advanced needs in a specific area, you can always request additional one-on-one time with an instructor.

Make a plan & stick with it


Our goal is for you to remain fit and healthy for life. While you're here, you'll learn how to move properly, nourish your body, and change your habits to fit your intentions.

You'll leave with the results from your initial and departure screenings, any personalized information that we've created together, as well as access to handouts and educational materials from our classes. We also offer several optional services to further your progress.

  • Fitness Prescriptions. To plan a specific routine that you can carry on at home, request a private consultation with our fitness director before you leave. He will design an efficient, effective plan utilizing your knowledge from Skyterra.
  • Premium CoachingContinue your progress with ongoing one-on-one guidance from one of our pros.
  • Skyterra At Home. Through this web portal, we share workouts, self-care techniques, yoga practices, and many more unique health resources.


Examples of skyterra fitness classes

Weekly schedule varies depending on the season, weather, and needs of our in-house guests. On any possible day, there are typically 3-5 fitness/movement options with varying intensity and focus. All classes are subject to change and adjustment as necessary.

Breaking Habits

Explore how habits form and learn how to break unwanted habits in this insightful habit loop workshop. Create awareness and nourish new habit loops to inspire long-term goal adherence.

Composition Clarity

We’re a nation that spends more money on the war on fat than the war on terror. If you’re ready to make a long-term investment in your body, stop focusing on weight and instead lock your attention on body composition, the key to understanding health.

Efficient Fitness

Learn how to exercise less, but better – at home! You will walk away with a better understanding of setting up effective strength routines along with the most efficient cardio strategies to weave into your plan.

Fitness Busters

Should I eat prior to working out? Is fat loss the same as weight loss? Jump into this educational session to uncover the top five myths in fitness.

Fitness Programming

Attempting to walk out with a realistic fitness plan for home? This is a workshop-based class where you’ll work with one of our fitness professionals to design your plan for home.

Fitness Redefined

Traditional weight-loss protocols use exercise as a primary driver for weight loss, focusing entirely on caloric expenditure. The Skyterra Way understands that obesity is a hormone game, which may completely flip the paradigm on how you look at fitness. After this presentation, you’ll be able to figure what type of fitness you can do for the rest of your life and understand the importance of consistent movement.

Inspired Intentions

Are you tired of never fulfilling your healthy intentions? Fed up with setting goals that go well for weeks or months only to end abruptly? Learn how to set your goals to the present and uncover your emotional why for lasting and sustained motivation.

Insulin Sensitivity

Are you sick of having “unhealthy” food or skipping a workout and having it lead to immediate weight gain? How about constant feelings of hunger or cravings? The key to changing this is to increase your insulin sensitivity. This is achieved through high-quality nutrition and consistent physical activity, which are crucial to the long-term maintenance of your metabolism.

Mastering Mobility

There are a host of possible muscular imbalances and lifestyle errors that can be detracting from your quality of life. During this discussion learn how daily mobility, flexibility and breathwork can make all the difference. You’ll understand how to triage your own body and plan your daily routine.

Softer Side of Fitness

Most of the traditional thinking surrounding fitness is that in order for it to “count”, it must be hard and make you sweat. Join us for a discussion on breathing and mobility, the two most neglected components of fitness.

Signature fitness classes are offered every week. These classes include strength training, cardio, and mobility options, so visitors of every fitness level can enjoy and benefit from them.


This is our unique higher intensity cardio class that involves a series of intervals adaptable to any type of cardio equipment. It’s perfect for all levels as you have the ability to work to your own capacity and specific individual zones. Get ready to ELEVATE your endurance quickly!

Earth Yoga

Yoga is an ancient art based on uniting the mind, body, and spirit in harmony with the rhythms of the earth. By addressing the Annamayakosha (systems of the physical body) in relation to the rhythms of nature, we can begin to manifest an enriched sense of groundedness and safety. Attending to the base of the body – the root chakra, Muladhara – we can begin to inspire a dense and rooted foundation. With the element of earth present, we can stand rooted and safe in the center of our being.

Essential Mobility

Are you practicing self-maintenance on a daily basis? Soft tissue therapy and corrective exercise should be a part of everyone’s plan. Based off the common positions of daily living, these catch-all, easy-to-execute techniques will help you restore your body quickly.


This is our one-of-a-kind strength training class which focuses on quality movement, prioritizing only movements that matter for “activities of daily living.” Similar to group personal training, you’ll learn how to work out with very little equipment and be well on your way to getting LEAN in no time!

Move Well

Get ready to learn Skyterra's essential movements that will improve your daily living activities. In this class, our coaches help you learn, create and develop better positions leaving you empowered and confident about movements in our signature LEAN class.

Quick FIT

Getting in your workouts when you leave Skyterra can be difficult. We offer this class to show you a realistic 10-15 minute cardio and strength workout that you can easily do at home.

Supplemental fitness classes rotate weekly/monthly. Offerings depend on the season, weather, and needs of our in-house guests.

AQUA/Pool Classes

Bring your workout to the pool in a variety of ways: Aqua Cardio, Aqua Strength Training, Water Yoga, Aqua Chi (Tai Chi), Aqua LEAN, Water Volleyball, Swim Intervals

Balance + Breathe

Balance is often the most neglected form of fitness yet one of the most important, especially as you get older. In this class, you’ll gain a better understanding of your current level of balance via a basic screening process and get exposed to beginner and intermediate strategies for training.

Circuit Training

Boost your metabolism, burn fat, and improve your stamina by combining cardio and strength intervals. We’ll teach you a functional way to exercise that’s simple to execute at home.


EMOM stands for “every minute on the minute.” In this workout, you'll change movements/exercises every minute, completing intervals of 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of full recovery. Movements cover strength and cardio and require very little equipment. Since you complete the workout in only 20 minutes, the EMOM-style class is one workout that you can easily incorporate into your routine back home.

FIT_10 (! Advanced/High Intensity)

A unique class combining full-body strength, endurance, and cardio, FIT_10 is strategically designed to stimulate overall fitness. Composed of 10 different exercises (mostly using your own body weight) that will accelerate any workout routine.

Partner Workout (! Advanced/High Intensity)

Energize your average workout with camaraderie! This team-based partner class with alternating movements will be sure to inspire your competitive spirit. Partners are not required, nor necessary – you will be “teamed up” upon arrival.

Primal Strong (! Advanced/High Intensity)

Revive your strength training routine with heavy ropes, tire flips, and sled drags! Get back to functional exercise with this highly effective interval class. By adding unconventional methods into your current training regimen, you will be sure to shock different muscles into action!

Simple Strength

Strength training can be intimidating. Learn a simple way to implement six exercises for a full-body workout that is adaptable to your very own home.

Specialized Equipment/Skill Classes

TRX (suspension trainer); Rowing; Resistance Bands; Balance Training; Rolling & Stretching; Reiki; Dance

Tabata + R[estore] (! Advanced/High Intensity)

Try Tabata, a high-intensity interval-based workout that’s proven to increase fitness in sessions of just 4-12 minutes. You’ll perform 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of complete recovery. In the second half of class, you’ll breathe, stretch, mobilize, and restore.

Targeted Mobility Classes

Specialized mobility classes to target specific areas of the body, including classes for the hips, shoulders, knees, lower back, feet, and ankles. We also cover specific techniques such as partner stretching, foam rolling, and wall-supported practices.

Chair Yoga (Yoga in a Chair; Office Yoga; Travel Yoga)

This form of yoga is practiced sitting in a chair or using a chair for support. This gentler format is perfect for the office, travel, and for those who may have limitations inhibiting their ability to get on the ground.

Earth Yoga (Grounding Practice)

Yoga is an ancient art based on uniting the mind, body and spirit in harmony with the rhythms of the earth. By addressing the systems of the physical body in relation to the rhythms of nature, we can begin to manifest an enriched sense of security and groundedness. By attending to the lower body (pelvis, hips and legs) we are able to stand more rooted in the center of our being.

Flow Yoga (Yoga Flow)

In this class, you’ll experience vinyasa yoga, one of the most popular contemporary styles, in which movement is synchronized with the breath. Sequences are linked together mindfully to build strength, flexibility, and resilience through continuous movement.

Restorative Yoga

Injury, illness, “dis-ease”, and stress are all risk factors in our hyperactive culture. By slowing down, we can begin to foster better connection and healthier responses within our parasympathetic nervous system. Embrace the art of slowing down. Mind and body integration begins when we unite a conscious and compassionate dialogue between our thoughts and our cells. Note: Blocks, blankets, bolsters and other props will be used to maximize comfort and enhance the art of taking rest. Expect longer holds in propped postures.

Slow Flow Yoga (Gentle Yoga Flow)

This class builds a soft flow that unites breath and movement. Elements of sun salutations and other curated postures are designed to build a gentle internal heat. Moving slowly and intentionally inspires nourishment of the body, mind, and breath.

Therapeutic Yoga (Self-Healing Modalities)

This therapeutic yoga class takes a gentle and nourishing approach to loosening up tight muscles and creating space in areas of the body and mind that feel compressed. Learn a variety of yoga postures, breathing techniques, and prop-based asanas (postures) that inspire healing and nurture your range of motion and mobility.

Water Yoga (Pool Yoga)

Explore land-based yoga postures in the water. This yoga practice is zenfully joint friendly- don’t miss out! Join us for this weight-free, water-supported yoga class.

Yoga for Balance (Balance Inspired Flow)

The intention of this practice is to effectively focus on the muscular network of the spine, the back body, and core. By combining breathwork and balancing movements, one is truly able to integrate mind and body. Join us in this liberating, balance inspired flow class.

Yoga for Strength (Strength Inspired Flow)

Are you looking for a stronger, more static, strength-based practice? By combining functional strength postures and longer holds, this creative yet dynamic and balanced practice of breath and strength-inspired movements will surely enliven the fire within. Come embrace your internal heat and honor your personal power and vigor!

Guests tell their fitness stories

"The other reviews aren't lying, this place is fantastic. I was looking for an active vacation with a little learning thrown in 🙂 There is so much to do here that a week truly isn't long enough to fit it all in! One of the benefits of Skyterra is the small group size. There were 8 people during my week (including myself) which allowed for personalized attention. Every one of the staff ( I mean it, every one) is invested in you from day one.

I have a fitness background, but am always open to new ideas and everyone here knows what they are talking about. For fitness, they really understand the body and how everything works together and they make sure that everyone works at their own individual level. So, if you have no experience you will be completely comfortable and if you have more experience, they will push you, which isn't an easy thing to do, but they do it!"

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