Back to nature.

Back to basics.

Back to YOU.

A Return to the Essential for Weight Loss, Fitness & Wellness.

Let’s be honest. Today’s approaches to weight loss and fitness are big on trendiness, but severely lacking in authenticity.

Skyterra is an all-inclusive wellness retreat full of caring experts who believe passionately in the power of simplicity. Tuning out the stresses of daily life, and getting back to nature, fresh whole foods, and basic intuitive movement are the keys to healthy living. And yes, weight loss and a stronger, more fit body, too.

If you’re ready to disconnect and get on a path that leads back to your best self, Skyterra is the wellness retreat you’ve been looking for. Wellness retreats are often the jumpstart people need to make a commitment to a healthier life or to get back on track. As opposed to a regular vacation, wellness retreats have the capability to turn hopes and intentions into real life achievements.

We offer personalized, goal-focused programs for weight loss, stress management, and mindfulness. With expert guidance, you can develop the tools you need to incorporate healthy habits you can take home with you and reap the benefits of for years to come.

Make a commitment to yourself. Choose a getaway that works for you and that takes you one step closer to being the best version of yourself.

Our location sets us apart from other wellness retreats. We’re hidden in the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, so we’re a little harder to find. That’s a good thing. When you get here, you’ll understand why.

SKYTERRA: An All-Inclusive Wellness Retreat Like No Other

Functional Movement Assessment
Personalized Wellness & Weight Loss Plan
Accessible Fitness Classes
Guided Hikes & Outdoor Activities
Inspiring Educational Talks
Private Lodging with Forest Views
Intuitive Eating Approach
Airport Transportation

Trip Advisor

"My 2 week stay at Skyterra was life changing. The amount of time and research that has gone into this unique program is mind boggling. I unlearned a lifetime of misinformation about health, fitness and yes, even finding happiness. The staff and the owners are equally vested in the program. The lodge I stayed in was absolutely beautiful. The bed covers were divine. The view into the woods was superb. The entire area with the lake and waterfalls is magical! The food which was prepared for us by one of two chef’s, three times a day, was an epicurean and visual delight."

— Tedda D from Loudon, Tennessee

Back to Basics:

Our Weight Loss & Wellness Formula

Stress Management
Intuitive Eating
Efficient Movement





Break Old Habits & Start Anew

There’s no better time to rewire your brain for better habits than when you remove yourself from your daily influences, which have thousands of associations in your subconscious. By taking a vacation with the intention of focusing on goals you’ve been thinking about for months, maybe years, you’ll have the chance to remove yourself from your established routine.

Studies have proven that if you want to break a habit or start a new routine, one of the most successful ways you can do this is on vacation. Skyterra Wellness Retreat combines the power of shaking up your daily routine with professional programs intentionally designed to help you implement new behaviors into your life.

Ready to Start your transformation?