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Recreation & adventure options

Because enjoyment is essential

Humans have a natural instinct toward recreation and outdoor activities. After all, adventure helps us thrive – it excites us, brings us closer to nature, and shows us how much we're capable of. Our approach to wellness always includes an element of adventure. 


Wellness means lifelong adventure

Our entire program supports a holistic view of wellness that helps you stay ready and resilient for whatever life may bring. In fitness classes, you'll learn ways to stay strong, mobile, and injury-free, so that you're always ready to tackle the activities that bring you the most joy, whether that means climbing that mountain, playing with your kids and grandkids, cycling, running, hiking, paddling, dancing, working out, or whatever you please.

There's an activity for everyone

Sitting less and moving more is something we should all aspire to. Why not make it fun? Try new activities until you find one that excites you. If you're nervous about being a first-timer, we are the perfect environment for learning. Our private, intimate environment surrounds you with support. Through small classes, dedicated staff, and optional one-on-one time, you will stay safe and empowered.


Activity for everyone

Start where you are


During the intake process, we define your needs, starting points, and begin work outlining your goals.

  • Health & Safety: Are you physically ready to tackle new adventures? Our experts will be able to identify any safety concerns. You provide background health information; we conduct a body composition and mobility screening onsite.
  • Interests: During intake, you'll have a chance to express which classes and activities you hope to explore while you're here. We can usually accommodate all reasonable requests.

Adventure immersion


From our educational lectures to community meals in the culinary center, everything we do has an element of fun and positivity. You may be here to focus on wellness, but you'll also enjoy doing it.

  • Enjoy restaurant-quality meals created by our five star-reviewed culinary team.
  • Relax and socialize with your fellow guests on campus.
  • Various styles of yoga, fitness classes, and outdoor recreation, so there is something for everyone.
  • Off-campus field trips and excursions are scheduled weekly.


Change your lifestyle


You will be surprised at what you learn and accomplish during your stay! We also provide tools to help you continue your progress at home. You don't have to take our word for it – check out reviews and testimonials from our guests.

  • Learn new activities you can continue at home.
  • Be inspired to continue trying new things.
  • After you leave, keep up with us through Skyterra At Home.

Recreation & outdoor activities

A possible day at Skyterra offers a well-rounded blend of classes and activities. The weekly schedule varies depending on the season, weather, and needs of our in-house guests. A representation of recreation options are listed below. (For example only; all classes and activities are subject to change.)


If you prefer a different paddle sport, we have you covered! Explore a mountain lake or float one of the nearby rivers.


The mountains provide a number of rewarding and challenging bicycling opportunities. We have a fleet of electronically-assisted bikes (e-bikes) so riders of all levels can get a boost up those serious hills!


Learn to fly fish in our stocked private streams in a semi-private or private lesson, right here on the Skyterra campus.


Find your waterfall! We chose our location for a reason: here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, we enjoy a pleasant seasonal climate and year-round access to beautiful trails, forests, vistas, and waterfalls. We have miles of wooded walking trails on-campus and countless more in the vicinity. There's so much to see! We regularly hike scenic points and trails in Pisgah National Forest, Gorges State Park, and Dupont State Forest.


Learn techniques that come in handy and keep you safe when you’re exploring the outdoors. We cover skills like lighting a fire without matches, map reading, bear-proofing your gear, reacting to inclement weather, and other wilderness basics.

Note: In addition, fitness and yoga classes are held outdoors as weather and interest allow. We also have a three-season "treehouse" (a screened-in outdoor room) that allows us to bring nature indoors.


Stand-up paddleboarding is a fun full-body workout that helps you reduce stress and connect with nature. Calm mountain lakes are an excellent place to learn. We also offer a combination yoga/SUP class for experienced yogis and individuals who already feel quite comfortable on their board.


Are you ready to see your stride in a whole new way? This skill-based class uses video analysis and corrective drills to revolutionize your walking and running. This unique opportunity will help you prevent injuries and maximize the efficiency of your movements.

Opportunities for pick-up games and recreational activities are peppered throughout the week:

  • Cornhole
  • Pickleball
  • SpikeBall
  • Volleyball/Water Volleyball
  • Swimming

We also take off-campus excursions and field trips for bowling, shopping, skating, and more. Also, be sure to check out our specialty weeks, when our program takes on unique dynamics exploring specific topics and activities.

Skyterra stories

"Living in a fast-paced professional world, I do not always have time to take care of myself properly. Going to Skyterra helped reunite me with how to eat healthfully and how to move my body in efficient and effective ways.

Yoga, adventure, and the art of slowing down helped me relax, refresh and reset. I highly recommend Skyterra, as I left feeling renewed and ready to conquer my busy personal and professional worlds."

Dr. Deborah Gray King via TripAdvisor

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