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All About Fascia: Keeping Your Connective Tissue Healthy

By Amber Shadwick | May 17, 2018
All About Fascia

Have you ever had pain or discomfort you couldn’t identify, or lingering tightness and tension that you just couldn’t shake? Have you ever wondered why techniques like foam rolling can “hurt so good,” or why a massage can trigger an intense emotional reaction? The answer lies in understanding fascia – the thin sheath of fibrous connective tissue that surrounds every muscle, bone, nerve, artery, and organ in the body.

What Sitting Does To Your Body – And How You Can Fix It

By Jeff Ford | April 20, 2018
Undo the damage of sitting

You know that sitting is bad for you – but what exactly is it doing to your body, and how can you undo the damage? Jeff Ford breaks it down and suggests a quick mobility routine for your desk breaks.

Is a Wellness Retreat Worth It?

By Skyterra Wellness | March 19, 2018
Is A Wellness Retreat Worth it?

Most people like the idea of a wellness retreat. After all, what’s not to like about putting life on hold to focus on your own well-being? Still, the time and money you spend on yourself should be a good investment. Is a wellness retreat worth it?

Lessons That Skyterra Helped Me Learn

By Dawnrae Wilson | March 15, 2018
Wellness Retreat Lessons

Dawnrae Wilson completed a ten-week stay at Skyterra Wellness Retreat in early 2017. Nearly one year later, she reflects on lessons learned. By sharing her journey, she hopes to spread a message of encouragement to anyone else facing similar challenges.

Wake Up With Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

By Skyterra Wellness | February 27, 2018
Banana Oatmeal Pancake Recipe

Our banana oatmeal pancake recipe is a favorite here at the retreat. Gluten-free, dairy-free, dairy-free, and every bit as fluffy and delicious as traditional pancakes.

How to Meditate: Guided Practices & Tips for Beginners

By Skyterra Wellness | February 19, 2018
How to Meditate

Meditation is headline news these days, and for good reason: this ancient practice has major benefits for modern-day problems. Medical researchers and mindfulness experts agree that it can do everything from ward off stress to boost your physical health and increase cognitive function. Sounds great – but how do you do it? Here’s a practical…

You Don’t Need Gym Equipment to Get More Fit – Here’s How

By Skyterra Wellness | February 19, 2018
How to Get FIt Without Gym Equipment

Want to improve your fitness level? You’re probably thinking, “I need a gym membership.” Before you make a commitment or fork over the cash, let’s talk about ways to increase your fitness without buying anything at all.

Easy Cold-Weather Recipe: Coconut Carrot Soup

By Skyterra Wellness | January 17, 2018
Coconut Carrot Soup Recipe

Creamy, comforting carrot coconut soup recipe is easy to make from a few basic (mostly shelf-stable) ingredients. The perfect companion to a snow day!

5 Reasons Why Sexuality Should Be a Women’s Health Priority

By Skyterra Wellness | January 5, 2018
Women's Sexuality

Sexuality is one element of brain-body bliss that women tend to ignore, but here’s why women should take their sexual health and desires seriously. Thanks to Dr. Maureen Ryan, women’s sexuality expert, for her contributions!

Grounding Earth Yoga with Amber

By Skyterra Wellness | December 26, 2017
Earth Yoga with Amber Shadwick

Our 35-minute grounding Earth Yoga class features rewarding hip openers and deep lower body stretches. It inspires a deep sense of safety and centeredness.

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