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Six easy ways to improve digestion and gut health

Six easy ways to improve digestion and gut health

Ever notice how many emotions you feel in your belly? Anxiety, fear, butterflies, joy. There’s definitely a reason why gut health is important, and why your gut is considered your second brain. But what happens to those emotions and your gut health when your digestive tract isn’t functioning as it should? When your food isn’t…


Five ways to improve your relationship with food: It’s about more than what you eat

Have you ever heard the saying, “I’m eating my emotions?” Well, there is some truth there when it comes to emotional eating. Typically hunger is not just about the food. Hunger and binge eating are often a metaphor for that which we are truly seeking. It’s about meeting your physical and emotional needs. We all…

There is no wrong way to have a body.

Weight loss reimagined: how to feel better in your body

Are you one of the nearly one in two Americans who is actively trying to lose weight? Have you participated in food restricting, dieting or excessive exercise? If dieting has failed you, Skyterra Dietitian Lindsay Ford has a message for you: we believe in you. And we believe your story can be a story of hope.

Three things to look for in a boot camp class

Three things to look for in a boot camp class

Exercise shouldn’t be torture, even in a boot camp class. When looking for a boot camp, Skyterra Wellness Executive Director Jeff Ford says you want a class that will be effective, safe and fun. Here’s how to evaluate your options and what to look for: Form is king. In a boot camp class, typically the…

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12 Game Changers For Your Morning Wellness Routine

Mornings set the tone for your whole day The truth is, most of us have a lot going on, which tends to dictate some of what our mornings will include. But not all. Ultimately, we do have choices about what our mornings will consist of. This realization is the first step. For this reason, it’s…


4 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Massage

Most of us go to a doctor before we try a masseuse. You’ve been crouched over a computer all day and your neck and lower back ache. Wouldn’t a massage feel good? You can’t sleep because you’re worried and stressed about how you’re going to pay all of your bills by their deadlines. You feel…

How Our New Understanding of Dopamine Can Help Us Avoid Addiction

How Our New Understanding of Dopamine Can Help Us Avoid Addiction

A Misunderstood Neurotransmitter Chances are, you’ve heard about the dubious “molecule of more:” dopamine. If so, you may associate it with pleasure, or know it as the “feel- good brain chemical.” These attributes are only partially true. In recent years, dopamine has received a lot of attention for its power to get us hooked on…

In a Culture of Screen Fixation, A Nature Study “Breaks Ground”

In a Culture of Screen Fixation, A Nature Study “Breaks Ground”

Stress-Relief the Old Fashioned Way: Nature Immersion It’s no longer just a hippie trope to “chill out” in nature. Indeed, recent evidence from a new nature study shows that the stress hormone cortisol significantly decreases when you go the way of Thoreau. More to the point, your body and mind remember how to relax when…


4 Ways To Boost Dopamine Levels Naturally

How We Can Harness Dopamine To Make Us Healthier If the current millennium had a chemical mascot, it would likely be dopamine: the double-dealing neurotransmitter that keeps us wanting more. More coffee, more clothes, more food, more beer, more love, more money. Who would think all this want begins with a chemical exchange between synapses…


The Biggest Winner (Spoiler Alert, It’s Not the Dieters)

Why diets and “fat camps” fail. Everyone wants to look good to others. In many cultures, this ideal means looking thin and fit. Thus, Americans go on an average of five diets in their life span. That’s because in recent decades obesity rates have soared. In response, the 66-billion dollar diet industry thrives. But at…