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In Appreciation of the Non-Scale Victory: Health Goals That Help You Thrive

August 15, 2017
Skyterra Non-Scale Victory: 4th of July 5K

So often, fitness goals seem to fixate on weight loss and appearance. While the Skyterra philosophy does lead to long-term weight management, our intentions run much deeper. Since health is not fully defined by a number on the scale, we take a moment today to the non-scale victory, that is, a health success that has nothing to…

Sandwich Generation Burnout: Three Tips to Prevent Caregiver Fatigue

August 8, 2017
Self-Care Tips to Prevent Sandwich Generation Burnout

Taking care of loved ones brings joy, meaning, and fulfillment to our lives, but only as long as we are taking care of ourselves. Many guests at Skyterra are here because they need a break from constantly caring for others. They acknowledge and accept that they are ready to take respite and get their health…

Your Skyterra Pantry: Swiss Chard Nutrition & Recipes

August 3, 2017
Swiss Chard: Nutrition & Recipes

Swiss chard is a nutritional powerhouse that’s easy to get your hands on. These richly-hued greens are available year-round and are very versatile, making them one of our go-to greens here at Skyterra. Our culinary team brings you this infographic highlighting the health benefits of Swiss chard and easy ways to use it. What is Swiss…

Three Questions for Planning a New Workout Routine

July 26, 2017
Questions to Help Plan Your New Workout Routine

We see you out there. You’re motivated to begin a new workout routine and you want to get started right away. Or maybe you’ve been there before: you jumped into an ambitious new routine, only to end up hating it, getting injured, or just plain burnt out. Sound familiar? Don’t be too hard on yourself…

Modernizing a Tradition: Summer Wellness Retreats in the Blue Ridge Mountains

July 21, 2017
Wellness Retreats in the Blue Ridge Mountains

The dog days of summer – when the sun and heat are stifling, while bugs and humidity conspire to keep us indoors. How can you beat the heat and make the most out of the remaining season? Take a cue from tradition and look to wellness retreats in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. When…

Shoulder Stretches: Three Quick & Easy Techniques for Relaxation and Mobility

July 13, 2017

Essential Shoulder Stretches Many of us hold tension in our neck, shoulders, and back – you know, those areas you always want to get massaged. Shoulder stretches to the rescue! In this video, follow along with Fitness Director Jeff Ford to learn three separate shoulder stretch techniques for loosening up, increasing mobility, and improving your posture.…

Is Halo Top Ice Cream Actually Healthy?

July 7, 2017
Is Halo Top ice cream actually healthy?

Halo Top ice cream is creating a buzz for its low calorie count, high protein content, and popular flavors. Is it a truly guilt-free way to indulge your summertime cravings, or is it too good to be true? Is Halo Top ice cream actually healthy? There’s plenty of reasons to be skeptical. If you have any knowledge…

Weighing the Costs: Destination Vacation vs. Wellness Retreat

July 5, 2017

We receive many inquiries about our pricing. The good news? The weekly rates at our wellness retreat are all-inclusive, which means maximum relaxation and rejuvenation. Once you’re here, you have full access to our daily activities and classes, covering fitness, stress reduction, nutrition, outdoor adventures, and more. The only add-ons are optional spa services and additional consulting…

Your Body on Sugar: An Infographic Examining System-Wide Effects

June 27, 2017
Skyterra Wellness: Your Body on Sugar

  Your body on sugar: What’s the big deal? There has been a big shift in popular thought on nutrition in recent years. After decades of vilifying fat nearly exclusively, research and dietary experts are confirming what many have long suspected about your body on sugar: Excessive sugar wreaks havoc on health. What’s going on…

Steps to improve your body image – without changing your body

June 22, 2017
Body Image

Summer is here! The long sunny days bring picnics, cookouts, beach trips, vacations, bike rides, and all kinds of outdoor adventures. But it also means bathing suits. Shorts. Sundresses. Skimpy clothes. And that can make us want to fast forward to winter and burrow into a giant sweater. It’s an understandable impulse! We’re bombarded by…