Current Rates

Skyterra rates are all-inclusive, meaning that one flat weekly rate covers all of our programming, lodging, three delicious chef-prepared meals daily (catered to your dietary needs and preferences) with snacks and refreshments, as well as airport shuttle service.

2017 Weekly Rates

September 1st - November 18th $3,150
November 19th - December 31st $2,450

2018 Weekly Rates

January 1st - February 28th $2,800

Your only other expenses? Airfare (or your own transportation to campus), any additional supplies you would like to bring, and optional activities such as spa services, massages, and off-campus trips.

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Every Skyterra package includes on- and off-campus programming. From 7 AM until about 7 PM each day, enjoy a well-rounded roster of enriching lectures and enlivening classes and activities.

The schedule accommodates plenty of down time, so you can relax by the lake or stroll the grounds as you please. Keep in mind that our program is very small – our maximum capacity is 16 guests. Even in group classes, you receive far more personalized attention than in most other wellness settings.

This core weekly programming includes:

  • Comprehensive body composition and mobility screening
  • Daily guided nature walks
  • Daily breathwork and meditation sessions
  • A full array of fitness classes, including both low- and high-intensity strength training and cardiovascular workouts
  • Yoga and mobility sessions to address range-of-motion issues
  • Nutrition education and culinary demonstrations
  • Waterfall hiking
  • Seasonal outdoor sports and activities
  • Stress management skill building
  • Guidance on establishing sustainable positive habits


1-4 Week Stays

Awaken your instincts and map out your path with the Skyterra program. Unplug from the stress of daily life and reconnect with nature. Experience our authentic approach to stress management, fitness, weight loss, and nutrition.

You’ll learn to reconnect with yourself and your own intuition toward wellness, so you can continue your new habits after you return home. Our schedule varies weekly, so after your first week, you’ll still have plenty of fresh activities to explore.

  • All-Inclusive Programming, including daily classes, screenings, and outdoor activities
  • Empowerment Series Coaching Sessions (Week 4)
  • Initial and departing photos to track your journey (Week 4)


5-8 Week Stays

After you’ve established your starting point, you can reflect upon your progress and delve into challenge areas. Deepen your self-care practices under the guidance of our expert staff.

  • All Fundamental Programming
  • Special Topic: Intuitive Eating. Transform your relationship with food, and in the process, transform your relationship with yourself.
  • In-Depth Coaching:
    • Customized coaching sessions, once a week
    • One-on-one sessions with our personal trainer, yoga instructor, or dietitian, once a week 
    • An hour-long private session with our Executive Chef, to tackle all of your culinary questions and concerns
    • Personal Excursion (Week 7)


9-12 Week Stays

Build and solidify a powerful, life-changing foundation from which to approach your self-care. As you embark on the path toward transformation, our staff is there to encourage and support you every step of the way. Whatever your goals, you will make astounding progress and substantial self-discoveries.

  • All Fundamentals Programming
  • All Extended Programming
  • $100 certificate to the Skyterra Gift Shop
  • Additional weekly coaching session (two private coaching sessions each week, plus your weekly one-on-one session with our trainer, yoga instructor, or dietitian)
  • Personal Celebration (Week 11)
  • Personal Adventure (Week 12)
  •  A FREE Refresh Week.  Join us again for a free one-week visit anytime 3-12 months after your initial stay (Week 12)

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