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  5-Star Wellness Retreat

Nourishment at skyterra wellness

Food to look forward to

At Skyterra, we believe that food should nourish the mind, body, and spirit. Our idea of healthy eating honors your needs, preferences, and beliefs. Discard the diet mentality – our goal is to promote a natural tendency toward eating well.

Culinary Center

Nutrition philosophy

We prioritize high-quality, nutrient-dense ingredients and create meals that are balanced and personalized for each guest. In our nutrition seminars, lectures, and workshops, we teach you how to eat the same way at home. Learn real-world strategies for making good food decisions from a registered dietitian.

Immersive culinary experience

365 days a year, our chefs create beautiful, delicious, dietitian-approved meals, where seasonal, local, and organic ingredients take center stage. All dietary needs and preferences are accommodated. Since good food is a thing to be shared, meals are enjoyed community-style in the culinary center. We'll even teach you how to recreate healthy meals at home in our demonstration kitchen.

Skyterra Chef Michael Vess

Growing a good relationship with food

Starting with your needs


Everyday eating is not one-size-fits-all! We take your individual needs, preferences, and beliefs into account.

  • Allergies & Special Diets: Vegetarian? Peanut allergy? Gluten-free? Kosher? We accommodate all requests. We request your dietary needs well in advance, so we are fully prepared for your stay.
  • Fulfilling Portions: Together, we will optimize meals for your health and satisfaction. You will not go hungry.

Making memorable meals


Three times a day, 365 days a year, our chefs offer bona fide proof that wholesome, nutritious meals can be beautiful, delicious, and satisfying.

  • Enjoy restaurant-quality meals created by our five star-reviewed culinary team.
  • Relax and socialize with your fellow guests in an inviting setting.
  • Light snacks and refreshments are available throughout the day.

Competence & confidence


Through ongoing nutrition education, culinary demonstrations, and a realistic, whole-person approach, you will take away strategies for healthy and enjoyable eating that will serve you long after you leave.

  • During your stay, immerse yourself in nutrition education classes of your choice.
  • Participate in hands-on cooking demos to deepen your own skills.
  • After you leave, keep up with the culinary team through resources and recipes on Skyterra At Home.

Skyterra food education

A possible day at Skyterra offers a well-rounded blend of classes and activities. The weekly schedule varies depending on the season, weather, and needs of our in-house guests. A selection of classes and activities that support nutrition and culinary knowledge are listed below. (For example only; all classes and activities are subject to change.)

Eating Unplugged

Unplug and learn to savor your food! Eating is a natural, healthy, and pleasurable activity for satisfying hunger. However, in our fast-paced, food-abundant, diet-obsessed culture, eating is often distracted, chaotic and guilt-inducing. In this class, we cultivate awareness surrounding food to create healthy new habits. You will have a better understanding of how to identify hunger and fullness and why slowing down with food will actually increase your metabolism and digestive power.

Empowered Portions

This class emphasizes the importance of how food influences the brain-body connection. Through interactive learning, you will gain further knowledge of hormones and neurotransmitters that influence why and how much we eat. This seminar integrates portion recommendations, environmental strategies, and intentional visuals to support your healthy eating efforts.

Gut Health

An introduction to the gut microbiome and enteric nervous system and how they influence your overall health. Many lifestyle-based diseases are connected to poor gut health; this seminar will help you understand how to repair and rebalance your gut through nutrition and other lifestyle changes.

Insulin Sensitivity

Are you sick of having “unhealthy” food or skipping a workout and having it lead to immediate weight gain? How about constant feelings of hunger or cravings? The key to changing this is to increase your insulin sensitivity. This is achieved through high-quality nutrition and consistent physical activity, which are crucial to the long-term maintenance of your metabolism.

Nutrition Busters

Trying to discern nutrition information in today’s culture isn’t easy. Various hot and popular topics are discussed, debunked, and addressed. This seminar is not only informative, but it is also fun and enlightening.

Personalized Nutrition

This seminar is a foundational nutrition class. We will discuss our nutrition philosophy and you will leave with a better understanding of what foods to prioritize in a tailored nutrition plan. We will cover the importance of macronutrients (fat, protein, carbohydrates, and fiber) as well as meal planning.

Self-Compassion Diet

Weight loss is often associated with deprivation, hard work, and an inner dialogue steeped in self-judgment and criticism. This lecture explores how approaching weight loss and wellness with self-compassion allows you to identify your triggers and change your attachment to food with greater ease and empowerment. Learn how to silence the inner critic, discover tools to self-regulate difficult emotions, and cultivate a nourishing and self-accepting relationship with food and above all, your self.

Sugar, Fat & Alcohol

Are you trying to figure out how to live a life with or without sugar, fat, and alcohol? This seminar is educational while also providing strategies on how to approach these challenging things in today’s food culture.

Your Brain on Food

Why is eating sugary and processed foods so pleasurable and often feels impossible to stop? We will explore how certain behaviors and habits, especially those related to eating, are wired deeply in the brain. Gain a deeper understanding of how your brain works, the role your emotions play and how to begin to break this habit loop to build new healthy behaviors when it comes to food and stress.

Culinary Demonstrations

Our chef leads you through the creation of healthy, nourishing, delicious, seasonal meals and snacks! Ask questions, learn techniques, and learn to incorporate new skills, ingredients, and recipes into your meals.

Grocery Store Tour

This Skyterra experience provides both realistic exposure and supportive education in regards to honoring optimal nutrition at home. You will leave with a better understanding meal prepping strategies, how to read labels, and how to navigate the grocery store with heightened awareness. Taking notes and asking questions are encouraged.

Meal Planning Workshop

Are you feeling confused or overwhelmed figuring out what to eat on a daily basis? This workshop is just for you. Our Registered Dietitian provides education, handouts, and tools to help you plan what you will eat for your main meals upon returning home.

Heard around our table

Hands-On Cooking Experience

"I enjoyed my month-long stay at Skyterra and it was truly a life changer for me. The staff members were incredibly knowledgeable and passionate – I don’t think I have ever met anyone that is as passionate as these folks. The food was amazingly delicious and I had a chance to work “behind the scenes” with Chef Michael – a truly gracious and kind man! The list of activities was outstanding – my favorite being hiking with Ellwood....he knew the paths like I know the path to my home. I could go on and on about the exercise sessions, education classes, yoga, meditation, etc ... but to put it simply, everything at Skyterra was superb and would recommend it to anyone."

Nablis S. via TripAdvisor

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