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Stress management at skyterra

Life is full of stressors. Learn to manage your response.

Cultivate resilience with mindfulness & self-care

You have probably heard it before: stress is toxic. Stress ages us. Stress leads to chronic pain and health problems. Stress leads to illness. Stress makes us irritated, depressed, anxious, impulsive, and downright unhappy. But we need something more than knowing stress is bad for us – we need to know what to do about the stress in our lives.

We address that need at Skyterra. Setting aside life's obligations and committing to a personal retreat is the first step. Once you're here, not only will you have the opportunity to unplug, relax, and breathe easy, you will also learn about the stress response, the factors that affect it, and techniques for managing your own response to stress.

The skyterra approach to stress

Unplug & reconnect


Our educational lectures and workshops explore the body and brain's stress response. Understanding neurobiology is an empowering place to start. You'll grow to know the importance of:

UNPLUGGING. Take a break from the constant call of technology. When you step away from your screen, you also step away from stress and stimulation.

POSITIVE PERCEPTION. Stress is a form of resistance. The opposite of stress is acceptance. We'll teach and demonstrate ways to adapt toward positivity and openness.

Mind & body nourishment


Experience the brain-body benefits of movement, nature, community, meditation, and real, delicious foods.

FITNESS. Exercise is a known stress reliever and mood booster. Each week, you'll enjoy a variety of expert-led strength training, cardio, and yoga classes. Breathe and stretch in our three-season "treehouse", challenge yourself with circuit training, or join in a caveman-inspired workout outdoors. Classes are small and accommodate all levels.

FOOD. Meals are chef-prepared and dietitian-approved, made according to your dietary needs and preferences. They are served community-style so that every guest may feel at home.

BREATHE EASY. Daily breathwork and meditation classes calm the mind and help you connect with yourself. You'll learn a number of techniques to take home with you.

Relax & enjoy yourself


Recreation, socializing, and self-care are essential tools for keeping stress at bay. At Skyterra, you can try out new activities and opt into spa services and excursions to help you relax and enjoy yourself.

RECREATION. Seasonal outdoor activities are offered year-round. Waterfall hiking, stand-up paddleboarding, fly fishing, pool classes, and pickleball are a few of our favorites. We offer something for everyone!

SPA SERVICES. Our on-campus spa offers signature services that you won't find anywhere else.

EXCURSIONS. Take a field trip off-campus to nearby Brevard or Asheville. Explore the attractions and businesses that make western North Carolina a top tourist destination year after year.



Stress management education & activities

A possible day at Skyterra offers a well-rounded blend of classes and activities. The weekly schedule varies depending on the season, weather, and needs of our in-house guests. A selection of classes and activities that support stress management are listed below. (For example only; all classes and activities are subject to change.)

Breathe Easy

This experiential class combines both lecture and practical techniques like mindfulness, meditation, and body/breath awareness. We will discuss how to balance the demands of modern life and simultaneously cultivate your natural capacity to actively care for yourself. You’ll discover peace of mind and how breath awareness can help you become more mindful, alleviate pain, reduce stress, and improve overall quality of life.

Building Resilience

We've all heard how bad stress is for us, yet most of us live pressured lives with numerous demands. Discover the correlation between resilience and mindset and how the power of mindfulness can increase our ability to live in acceptance. After this presentation, you will begin to allow stress rather than avoid it and learn to live a life that is aligned with your values.

Crafting Your Life

Create a meaningful blueprint for your life that’s aligned with what’s most important to you. In this writing workshop we will use life coaching skills to identify what you want to achieve in your life and focus on the call-to-action steps that are needed to make your dreams your reality.

Inspired Intentions

Are you tired of never fulfilling your healthy intentions? Fed up with setting goals that only go well for weeks or months and then end abruptly? Learn how to set your goals to the now and uncover your emotional why for sustained motivation.

Planning Your Journey

There are many aspects of wellness, and our program covers them all. This essential, empowering, and informative planning session provides the foundation for everything you’ll learn during your stay. The Skyterra Wellness program and philosophy are based on progressive, research-driven recommendations; it honors the connection between all dimensions/domains of wellness. Come plan your journey with us – be supported and inspired for long-term health and wellness.


With all of life’s challenges, it’s common to feel like there’s little time or energy left for yourself at the end of the day (especially if you are a caregiver of any kind). This class will explore the necessity of prioritizing self-care in your life so you can have healthier relationships, increased energy, and a self-care plan for moments when you need comfort the most.

Sky Circle

This is an easy going, gently-guided group to cultivate and share perspectives and experiences with fellow guests at Skyterra. This safe space is held to gain insight, give and receive emotional support and promote community and cohesion amongst our guests.

Sound Sleep

Tired all the time? Do you need to improve your sleeping habits? Truth is, sleep matters. We are living in a world of go, go, go and are constantly stimulated by our environment and life stressors. No matter your age or how busy life may seem, maintaining a consistent and high quality sleep routine is essential for optimal health. This lecture will dive into the importance of sleep and how to effectively create behavior change.

Arts Collage

Collage is an artistic technique used to gathering and curating images in a creative and inspiring manner to inspire you. The creative process offers wisdom by engaging in the right side of the brain and you can simultaneously have fun while doing it. No art experience necessary.

Body Image Workshop

A discussion on body image will occur prior to a variety of creative tasks to explore one’s relationship to how they feel about their body. Healing one’s body image is an important part of the wellness journey as true change happens on the inside.

Clay Workshop

Using clay can be grounding and therapeutic as this earthly technique allows you to explore and create. Emphasis is placed on process and relaxation. No art experience necessary.

Kirtan Meditation

Kirtan is a simple, powerful form of meditation. If you struggle with learning to quiet the mind, this chanting mantra meditation is for you. This effortless practice nurtures inner joy. Through singing and chanting, you’ll practice love and devotion to your highest self.

Skyterra CONNECT

We offer several opportunities for various types of guided meditation. Our daily Connect class starts and ends the day with breathing exercises, meditation, light stretching, and honoring unplugged space.

Walking Meditation

The health benefits from practicing mindfulness and spending time in nature are immense; ranging from weight loss, better sleep, to decreased depression and anxiety. If you are wondering how to begin a practice like this, join us to discover simple steps that you can add to your life right away.

Waterfall Meditation

Experience the relaxing effects of meditating by the natural beauty of one of our waterfalls here on campus. This beginner-friendly walking and sitting practice will teach you elements of meditation.

Yoga Nidra Meditation

Also known as “yogic sleep,” yoga nidra is a meditation practice that nurtures physical and emotional healing. This deep state of conscious rest helps you de-stress and to sleep better. It can also evoke a sense of clarity and nourish an understanding of your higher purpose.

Real talk: guests talk about stress

"I went to Skyterra Wellness Retreat for a break from a stressful situation and to learn more about lifelong wellness. From the time I was picked up at the airport to the time I was dropped off I felt like I was surrounded by caring and knowledgeable friends who would do whatever it takes to make my visit exceptional and to make sure I was able to take home my new found knowledge and sense of peace."

Theresa M. via TripAdvisor

Stress management resources

We understand it can be difficult to find authentic, real-life advice and techniques for dealing with stress and navigating through the many issues it presents. These articles, videos, and additional resources come directly from our team of experts. For more, contact us, book your stay, or follow Skyterra Wellness on social media.

Wellness webisodes

Our webisodes cover topics on self-care, self-image, changing habits, and more. View them all on YouTube.

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