A special week-long retreat: Living With Grief

Find peace after loss

Healing workshops • Private sessions • Relax and reset

Find relief from suffering and anxiety caused by loss

Move forward from grief

Find relief from suffering

Heal your body, mind and soul

You deserve time to put your self-care first.

Living With Grief

$3850 December 8 - 15
  • Small Classes
  • Six+ featured workshops
  • Private therapeutic coaching and bodywork sessions

Small classes, intimate setting

It's hard to open up in a big crowd. That's why we keep our classes small so you can receive the individualized attention you deserve.

Six+ featured workshops

Through specially planned workshops, participants will better understand their grief process through active engagement in activities that promote holistic, healthy grief work.

Private therapeutic coaching and bodywork sessions

To further your healing, your participation in this week also includes an individual bodywork session at Skyterra's spa and an individual therapeutic coaching session.

Move forward from your grief while healing your whole body

At Skyterra we know you want to move forward from grief. In order to do that, you need relief from suffering and anxiety caused by loss.

The problem is unresolved grief which makes you feel anxious. We believe everyone deserves unconditional support during the grieving process. We understand what it’s like to lose someone which is why we have partnered with Dr. Lori Soli, a world-renowned expert on grief, crisis response, and grief interventions.

Here’s how we do it: 1. Call now for a consultation 2. Book your week
3. Embrace your retreat. So, call now. And in the meantime, check out this blog on myths about grief so you can start to learn how to avoid the negative impacts of grief on your physical and emotional health and instead reclaim your life.


Meet The Experts

Dr. Lori Soli

Dr. Lori Soli

Dr. Lori Soli earned her Ph.D. in Counseling and Supervision, and an MS in Counseling from Oregon State University. She maintains an LPCC license and an active PPS credential in California. She is an NCC, ACS, a BC-TMH, and is in process of becoming a BCC. She has certificates in coaching, trauma-informed therapy, crisis intervention stress debriefing and NLP, among others.

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