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Sample Menu

Awaken your senses

Our Executive Chef and Registered Dietitian will always ensure a nourishing meal made with high quality, local and sustainable foods. Most importantly, our meals are delicious and satisfying! We offer many homemade options, including all freshly made nut butters, dressings, sauces, and condiments as well. Please enjoy this sample menu below.

Sample Breakfast

breakfast parfait

Nourishing Beverage Bar (Rotates Daily)
Our nourishing beverage bar alternates daily between our Sky Chai Tea, Golden Milk, Ginger Tea and our delicious Hot Cacao & Vanilla Bean Tonic.

Skyterra Signature Smoothie (Rotates Daily)
A freshly made smoothie with local swiss chard, frozen banana, berries, house-made nut butter, vegan protein powder, avocado and nut milk.

Homemade Coconut Yogurt
Made with a blend of spices and touch of raw, local honey and raw cashews.

Breakfast Special (Rotates Daily)
Spinach and Bacon Tart: local and humane bacon paired with fresh greens served as a mini tart in a gluten-free almond crust.

Local, Free Range Eggs to Order
Scrambled, Over Easy, Over Medium, Over Hard

Gluten Free Whole Rolled Oats

Fresh Sliced Avocado

Sample Lunch

Butternut Ginger Lemon Soup
Enjoy our vegetarian soup, made with a homemade broth, freshly chopped butternut squash, ginger root and lemon. Mixed together for a delicious and creamy textured soup.

Toasted Walnut Local Goat Cheese
Medley of hydroponic grown butter lettuce, organic spinach & arugula tossed with summer squash, organic roma tomato, local and organic chicken breast, drizzled with homemade Skyterra Red Pepper. Vinaigrette

seasonal squash soup

Sample Dinner

salmon dish

Curry Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini Drizzle
This eye catching starter is delicious in taste and beautiful in color. The cauliflower is coated in curry powder, roasted to perfection and topped with a black tahini drizzle.

Wild Caught Grilled Salmon with an Apricot Glaze
Our fresh, wild caught salmon is served with a homemade, cooked apricot glaze with a side of sauteed greens, sorghum and roasted verts.

At all lunches and dinners we offer signature and fresh alternatives. We are happy to accommodate to any guest’s needs. Our Executive Chef and Registered Dietitian carefully review all dietary requests and needs to create an individualized dining experience at every meal. Example alternatives are listed below.

Protein Alternatives:
Skyterra Marinated Tempeh
Skyterra Vegan Bean Burger

Vegetable Alternative:
Sauteed seasonal vegetables