Tree pose

Every day this week, we're featuring one yoga posture that will help you increase your sense of stability and groundedness. Today's pose is Tree Pose.

Whenever you could use a little more steadiness and groundedness in your life, look no further than the trees! Tree pose is a quick and efficient way to simultaneously connect with the ground beneath your feet as well as the vast sky above you. 

To practice tree pose:

  • Start in mountain pose to ground through both feet equally and evenly
  • Shift all of your body weight into your left foot to come up onto your right toes
  • You are welcome to stay here
  • If you feel steady, you can lean your heel against your ankle, lift it up to meet your calf muscle, or bring your foot to your inner thigh
  • Rest your hands on your hips, bring them together at heart’s center, or stretch up toward the sky like branches
  • Enjoy Tree as you Root to Rise!

Join us tomorrow for our last grounding pose, Happy Baby Pose.

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