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Three Questions for Planning a New Workout Routine

Wellness Retreat Expert Guide

We see you out there. You’re motivated to begin a new workout routine and you want to get started right away. Or maybe you’ve been there before: you jumped into an ambitious new routine, only to end up hating it, getting injured, or just plain burnt out. Sound familiar? Don’t be too hard on yourself…

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10 Secret Strategies to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

christmas party with food

The holidays are coming. Just as you are getting through Halloween and all those bags of candy sitting around, the holiday treats start rolling in. If you work in an office you will likely be overstimulated by all the holiday goodies showing up in a few weeks. Every store we walk enter this time of…

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Five Foods to Prevent Belly Fat

nuts and seeds

Belly fat. I don’t know a single person who enjoys hearing those two words. Numbers on a scale mean nothing to a person trying to lose inches around their middle. They don’t care about the number as much as the size of their waistline. While most people want a smaller belly so they can wear…

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5 Unexpected Weight Loss Secrets (Part Three)

hand weights next to feet

Be sure to check out secrets one and two of Jeff’s unexpected weight loss secrets. Focused Weight Training Beats Mushy Middle Cardio There are quite a few myths floating around out there about the relationship between weight training and weight loss. Here are three that I’d like to debunk right away: You’ll get injured. While there’s a certain…

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