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Daily Living Movements to Master


In the 17 years between 1992 and 2009, admissions to skilled nursing facilities increased almost threefold, from 28 to 80 per 1,000 Medicare beneficiaries. Additionally, over 1.3 million Americans now live in nursing homes (1). We’re not only not moving, but we’re not training our movement in the way that leads to “exceptional survival” –…

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5 Unexpected Weight Loss Secrets (Part Three)

hand weights next to feet

Be sure to check out secrets one and two of Jeff’s unexpected weight loss secrets. Focused Weight Training Beats Mushy Middle Cardio There are quite a few myths floating around out there about the relationship between weight training and weight loss. Here are three that I’d like to debunk right away: You’ll get injured. While there’s a certain…

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Three Common Myths Surrounding Strength Training

outdoor strength training tire pull with coach

Myth 1:  If I lift heavy weights I’ll get bulky. Fact:  Throw this one away without a second thought. Lifting weights doesn’t mean your muscles will get bigger. When designing any weight training program, the sets and repetitions have to be individualized to the person and their goals. Training for body building competitions is far…

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Baseline Benchmarking: 5 Must Do’s

fitness must dos

When you decide it’s time to dive into a fitness program, it’s important to test initial benchmarks and understand your baseline. How does the mobility in your hips compare to your shoulders? Should you focus on improving your cardio-respiratory endurance or developing your body composition? If you don’t assess you baseline and understand your starting…

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The Truth About Tabata

Unfortunately there is a theme in the fitness industry that when something works, the natural tendency is for professionals to recommend people do more of it. This is a theme that many would agree is ingrained in America’s society. It’s just like what we’ve been brainwashed to believe regarding our food. If whole grains are…

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New to Yoga? Considerations for Practice

The practice of yoga is an ancient tradition.  New yoga students should always consider the instructors training, expertise, and teaching methods. The new yoga student should always be encouraged to honor their physical limitations. Any type of physical activity that challenges the body should be practiced with dedicated individual attention and care. Body awareness and…

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Age With Grace: Strengthen Your Core.

Mobility loss and misalignment progressively occur as a part of the aging process. The goal of physical fitness then isn’t just to gain strength, but also to improve flexibility, range of motion, joint alignment and proprioception. Standard strength training methods of solely isolating a particular group of muscles is nowadays deemed ineffective and obsolete. The…

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Great Workouts While Traveling

If you’re someone who travels for work, it can be very difficult to get into a consistent fitness routine. Never let time or equipment limit you. For most people starting an exercise program, the perfect and safest place to begin is functional body weight exercises that wake up and develop proper range of motion. This…

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Why Strength Training Speeds Weight-Loss [3 Reasons]

About ten years ago everyone believed that to lose weight, get lean, and tone up you had to pound away on cardio machines. Burn more calories and you’ll look good right? Not so fast. Emphasizing “cardio” as the most important type of training to lean up and lose weight is very risky and unsustainable. The…

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