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We Created Skyterra For You - Welcome Back

Back to Nature, Your Body and Yourself.

We know you’ve been made a lot of promises in the past.  We are confident that you are ready to stop embracing just temporary happiness. We are positive you are ready for lasting change.

  • We GET you. Our founders have sought the same things you are seeking.
  • We make getting fit fun with activities like waterfall hunting!
  • We know you deserve something rational, reasonable, and sustainable.
  • Our trainers focus on evidence-based methods of weight loss.
  • We believe life is an adventure and help you re-discover your sense of adventure.
  • We inspire and reinvigorate your natural instincts toward health and wellness.
  • We help you find a sustainable and liberating way to reach your goals.
  • Our farm-to-table cuisine is delicious AND we teach you how to do it at home.
  • The location is unbeatable: the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains, hundreds of waterfalls, trails that feel like paths to new possibilities.

Get a jump-start on wellness at a great rate!
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"I have been to The Golden Door, Canyon Ranch, Cal-A-Vie, The Lodge at Woodloch and Lake Austin. SkyTerra differs in its unique approach to combine wellness with whole foods and stress reduction. Their assessment of my mobility and body composition was extremely comprehensive on Day One. In fact, I was never before given an assessment on my mobility and I learned so much by Jeff Ford (fitness guru). I have been training myself at home to adjust my gait as I walk while strengthing my ankles which is what came out of that evaluation. I even purchased new shoes (per Jeff's suggestion) which helped me significantly. Little milestones such as this are important as we age."


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