5-Star Wellness Retreat

New Culinary Center Goes Beyond Providing Healthy Meals

Skyterra’s Culinary Team brings a unique blend of services to the “table”, making each guest’s stay memorable and leaving them craving more. Our Executive Chef and Registered Dietitian work synergistically to deliver fresh, healthy, delicious and nourishing meals that meet each guest’s dietary needs and preferences.

Skyterra believes in the importance of community to achieve sustainable, whole body health. At our culinary center, this is no different! Guests are welcomed by staff members at meal services and eat in a family style setting in our new 3,200 sq ft culinary center, around a large table. Seasonal menus are displayed with nutrition facts and ingredients prior to each hand-crafted meal.

During the day, guests can see the chef creating every menu item through the open kitchen layout. Want to learn more about delicious and nutritious foods while staying at Skyterra? Guests can also experience our culinary demo kitchen. Our chef and dietitian lead interactive culinary demonstrations and workshops throughout the week to enhance nutrition knowledge, culinary skills and easy recipe development for at home.

Meet Our Team

Culinary Center

Executive Chef
Casey Manness

Casey Maness, Executive Chef, started cooking in the kitchen with her family at a young age. Falling in love with the local food scene of the Carolinas, she enhanced her skills and knowledge on providing locally grown and seasonal foods to individuals in the area. At Skyterra, she has created long lasting memories for guests through her meals. From her homemade soups to dressings or beautifully plated main courses, Casey delivers nothing but flavorful, honest and healthy food.

Director of Dietetics
Eleni Ottalagana

Eleni Ottalagana, RDN, LD began her nutrition journey as a child, learning about herbal remedies and how to cook fresh, whole foods with her family. Throughout the years, her passion for healing with foods and culinary arts grew immensely. She paved her own path within her dietetics education through her dual major of EcoGastronomy. Through this, she studied under chefs and learned further about culinary nutrition and sustainability in Italy. She proceeded to finish her degree and began working as a Registered Dietitian at Austin UltraHealth. There, she utilized nutrition therapy methods and functional medicine protocols to counsel individuals with autoimmune conditions, GI issues, allergies, food sensitivities and weight management problems. Eleni ensures that individuals receive whole body care through healing foods and other nutrition-related modalities.

Here at Skyterra, Casey and Eleni collaborate, working side-by-side on a daily basis to ensure the healthiest meals to guests. The culinary center provides so much more than just food. It is an area for the Skyterra community, healing, and part of the journey to long-lasting health here at Skyterra.