MIchael Vess

Here at Skyterra, we accommodate all of our guests’ dietary needs and preferences. Three meals a day, seven days a week, our guests leave the table not just fed, but satisfied, nourished, and inspired. With 16 in-house guests, that’s a total of 336 delicious individualized meals every week. How does this happen? Through the care and skill of Executive Chef Michael Vess and the rest of the Skyterra culinary team.

Since Chef Michael joined our staff, our guests are more fulfilled by the Skyterra dining experience than ever. This is due in no small part to his mastery of the craft, and it also stems from his deep understanding of the role that food plays in our philosophy and what it means to our guests.

Introducing Chef Michael Vess

In partnership with Eleni Ottalagana, RD, Director of Nutrition Services, Michael and the rest of our culinary team deliver visually stunning, flavorful meals that offer optimum and complete nutrition – regardless of the type of diet a guest may be following. Vegan? Paleo? Vegetarian? Low-salt? Kosher? In the Skyterra culinary center, you won’t just be appeased. Your special diet will be embraced and celebrated, and you will walk away inspired to explore it further.

All meals are crafted from the best organic ingredients, with most of the items coming from local farms and purveyors. When it comes to sourcing meat and produce, Michael builds on relationships with nearby farmers that have been doing things the right way for a long time.

Of course, the best way to understand Michael’s approach (other than booking a stay) is to hear it in his own words. Watch the video to get acquainted!