5-Star Wellness Retreat

National Day of Unplugging 2017

Sundown March 3 – Sundown March 4

Experts from Skyterra Wellness discuss 17 ways to unplug in 2017

Benefits of Unplugging:

Unplugging allows us to be more present and aware of our surroundings, creating an environment that nurtures stress reduction, productivity, and motivation, not to mention improved personal communication and connectedness. There are numerous tangible benefits including reducing eye-strain and improving sleep (our bodies rely on darkness to signal it’s time to sleep), improved memory (without the distraction of electronics, you have more time to do things that grow your brain cells), and even potential weight loss by tapping in to our parasympathetic nervous system and it’s ability to help regulate cortisol levels.

How to Observe #NationalDayOfUnplugging

Before you pull the plug, let your friends, family, and co-workers know that you plan to unplug, this will keep them from worrying about you and maybe you can even encourage them to unplug as well.

  1. Breathe: deep breathing slows down the heart rate, lowers blood pressure and calms the mind.
  2. Meditate: consider it mental and emotional hygiene that will help to improve focus, creativity, clarity and happiness.
  3. Take a Walk: Skyterra experts recommend trying to reduce sit time to less than 4 hours a day; foster independence from your seat by breaking up periods of sitting with movement.
  4. Get out in nature: let “forest bathing,” and taking in all the wondrous aspects of the great outdoors, wash away your stress.
  5. Stretch: stretching and mobility work can release tension, improve functionality and help your body remain flexible.
  6. Ride a Bike: it’s difficult to even think about answering the phone while riding a bike!
  7. Cook: invite someone over and try something new; incorporate seasonal vegetables and nutrient dense whole foods.
  8. Check Out a Farmer’s Market: discover unique and local items that are healthier for you, the environment, and the local economy.
  9. Add Spice: turmeric has been proven to reduce pain, inflammation and digestive issues; try adding turmeric to tea, smoothies and or make your own golden milk.
  10. Take a Class: expand your mind, body, and soul by taking a yoga, dance or expressive arts class.
  11. Play a Game: engage family or friends of all ages in a good old fashioned game of cards or your favorite board game.
  12. Volunteer: giving back and being part of a community is good for your health and mental well-being.
  13. Hug: hugs boost oxytocin, serotonin, and self-esteem.
  14. Read a Book: spend a few minutes reading something spiritual, instructional, inspirational or just entertaining; take notes for future reflection.
  15. Attend Kirtan: singing and chanting are great ways to activate the pineal gland resulting in a balanced mind.
  16. Declutter: clean out your closet to find gently worn items that others may need; this also results in a more organized version of you!
  17. Go to the Library: it’s free and you may discover or learn something new!