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Spirituality and Fitness- Unleashing Your Inner Fearlessness

The environment of your mind is key to unleashing your inner wellness warrior.  Inner reflection and spiritual conversations are presently taking center stage in many fitness studios worldwide.  A workout naturally uplifts the spirit and is a great moment for soul searching.

While the relationship between exercise and spirituality is becoming immeasurably widespread, finding spirituality through fitness or finding our fitness spirit may just be the key to unleashing our inner fearlessness. The fruits and focus of any spiritual practice inspires connection. Whether connecting in an individual or group setting, exercise teaches us to quiet the mind as we connect and honor our temple: the body. According to the National Institutes of Health, when people actively seek to reduce stress in their lives by quieting the mind, the body often works to heal itself. Listening and devoting time to our bodies connects us to higher intentions. Intention, attention and regularity are all factors when aspiring to find spirituality in fitness.

The intentions will affect the outcome of the activity. The attention will allow us to quiet and experience what in fact we should be experiencing. And the regularity will celebrate commitment, self-respect and progress. When we are in a challenging workout with the intention to grow physically and spiritually, we are further more inspired to change the way we relate to challenges not just during that particular workout, but also in all aspects of life. Spirituality helps us make meaning of the present moment.

The following reasons helps us understand why working out is a spiritual practice that helps to unleash our inner fearlessness.

1.      It is an outlet that helps us quiet our mind and reduce stress.
2.      It unleashes challenges that encourage growth in a variety of lively facets.
3.      It inspires a personal level of commitment, action, follow-through, achievement and accomplishment.
4.      It inspires community and connection to ourselves, others, and nature.
5.      It offers purpose, meaning and dismisses fear (false experiences appearing real).

Finding the meaning of why we engage in physical activity or why we choose certain activities over others is vital to helping us utilize fitness as a spiritual practice. Keep close to heart that what makes you feel stronger physically and makes you feel stronger spiritually. A strong body is the ideal host for a fearless and healthful soul.