All week long, our Executive Director Jeff Ford's six simple ways for you to take back your time. Today's tip is not fun, but it is essential! Here's his fifth tip: 

5. Create a home budget and file your taxes. In high school or college did you take the formal class? You know the class on personal finances? Probably not. It is funny, one of the most important tasks and most of us have actually never received any extensive training around it. 

Ask anyone their top five regular life stressors, and job or finances will typically be on their radar. Now more than ever is an excellent time to get a handle on your personal finances. It might sound depressing if you just lost your job, but you need to look at the facts. The best way to rebound is to understand all the withdrawals so you can get right back to the deposits. 

Secondly, our Government gave us a generous new deadline for taxes, but who wants to be back at work with that kind of stress on their shoulders? I am a chronic tax procrastinator and every year it’s not fun waiting until the last minute. With COVID-19 in the mix, there may be better news this time than years past.

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