Everyday should be about getting a little bit better. Whether that’s physically, emotionally or financially. Every day is an opportunity to build momentum. Momentum in the direction you want to go, momentum for how you want to live, and momentum toward who you want to become.

If you don’t change your life now, when will you? Here's our Executive Director Jeff Ford's final tip for staying productive during these unprecedented times:

6. Identify triggers and build new boundaries. There I said it, the “B” word: boundaries. If you think back to a few weeks ago, you may not have had any. No boundaries with your work. No boundaries with your family. No boundaries to uphold self-care time. 

There are very few people who are naturally great at maintaining boundaries. It is a skill. One of the difficulties is that holding them requires knowledge of what is truly getting in your way. These are what we call triggers. Without identification or acknowledgement of triggers, it is actually quite easy to live in a boundaryless world. 

Action steps: Name three areas in your life in which you need to build boundaries. Think about the three triggers that affect or make these boundaries difficult to uphold. You deserve to live the life you want and boundaries are pieces in the puzzle that allow you to do so.

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