Happy Baby

Every day this week, we're featuring one yoga posture that will help you increase your sense of stability and groundedness. Today's pose is the last pose of the series, Happy Baby Pose.

This pose is as fun as it sounds and opens the hips through isometrics. Happy baby pose offers a sense of levity, playfulness, groundedness and a gentle stretch through the hips and lower body. Make your way into happy baby pose anytime you need a quick reset break!  

To get into happy baby pose:

  • Rest on your back and extend your legs up towards the sky
  • Begin to bend your knees and reach for the soles of your feet from the outside as you gently flex your toes toward your knees
  • Grab your feet, ankles or calves (whatever you can reach easily) and if you are having any trouble you are welcome to grab a yoga strap to loop around your feet to make the posture more accessible and comfortable
  • Press your feet up toward the sky as you simultaneously pull your feet, ankles or strap down towards the floor
  • Rest in stillness or add a gentle rock from side to side.

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