Goddess pose

Every day this week, we're featuring one yoga posture that will help you increase your sense of stability and groundedness. Today's pose is Goddess Pose.

This power pose invites tremendous stability, strength and focus into the body as it fires up the muscles through the quads, the core and the hips! Goddess pose is a go-to for any moment that you wish to call your power back to your body, whether you are feeling lethargic, blue or defeated. Goddess pose can offer a fast track back to your own innate strength, resilience and fierce focus. 

To come into goddess pose:

  • Start standing and then step wide into a straddle and open up your arms parallel to the floor
  • Line up your ankles underneath your wrists to get a good stance
  • From here bring your heels in and your toes out with your legs straight and your hands to your waist
  • Ground down through the feet equally and evenly as you begin to gently bend your knees, following your hips down and tops of the thighs roll out
  • Hands can stay on your hips, palms together at the heart-center, or bend elbows and palms open up to the sky!  

Join us tomorrow for our next grounding pose, Tree Pose.

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