Child's Pose

Every day this week, we're featuring one yoga posture that will help you increase your sense of stability and groundedness. Today's pose is Child's Pose.

Balasana, most commonly known as child’s pose, offers a familiar shape to return to that is deeply restorative. To many, child’s pose can feel cocoon or womb-like, which is often just what we need… a little pause to feel the support of the Earth beneath us.

Often in yoga classes, child’s pose is referred to as a resting posture and is a place to return to at any point during class for rest and relaxation, as needed. The same rings true in our lives, at any point if you are needing a break for some efficient restoration, make your way into child’s pose and curiously notice what happens in your body. 

To come into child's pose:

  • Simply start on your hands and knees and gently separate your knees a little bit more as you move your hips back towards your heels, and your arms stretch long in front of you or rest down by your sides
  • Take your time to shift and wiggle to find the perfect shape
  • Please feel free to prop your hips or torso up with a pillow or folded up blanket, if you would like.

Join us tomorrow for our next grounding pose, Goddess Pose.

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