Mountain pose

The times lately have undoubtedly been wobbly and unsteady for so many of us. Wobbly times call for grounding yoga postures, and Skyterra has your back (and your front)! 

Every day this week, we’ll feature one yoga posture that will help you increase your sense of stability and groundedness. The first pose is Mountain Pose.

Tadasana, also known as mountain pose, is a standing posture with intention and focus. Within our yoga practice it offers a place to begin, to rest and to pause. Many people are surprised to find the potential power that lies in this discrete and steady pose.

Tadasana offers us a place to pause and to begin again, not only on our mats, but also in our lives. This posture can offer a shift in perspective as we often find ourselves standing or waiting, which can be a perfect opportunity to finetune our posture and our body-mind connection.  

To find mountain pose:

  • Make your way onto your feet
  • Bring your big toes together and allow your heels to separate
  • Rock your body weight forward and back and then side to side to find the place where your weight is evenly distributed
  • Gently engage your thighs and draw your kneecaps up
  • Allow your pelvis to be neutral and draw your lower ribs in, broaden through the collarbones as you stretch up tall through the crown of your head
  • Arms relax down by your sides, palms gently open forwards, or palms at the heart’s center
  • Come into this discrete yoga pose to remember your own innate strength and power. 

Join us tomorrow for our next grounding pose, Child’s Pose.

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