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How to Nurture Positive Body Image

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[fusion_text]Body image encircles more than just appearance. It encompasses more than the possible shrewdness of how others individualize us. Body image, at its core, embodies an array of dynamic origins. How we think, feel, act and react to our own self-perceived physical attributes are all tiny fragments in the unabridged explanation of body image. The journey and commitment to nurturing our being must begin with the commitment to reinforce positivity. New research confirms that physical activity can do just that. Not only does living an active lifestyle help to boost self-efficacy, it reflects immensely on our own personal perceptions of body image. Accordingly, individuals who embrace daily activity have brighter, more positive body images. Thus, the true key to living leaner- healthier and happier lifestyles lies within our own fostering.

  1. Get Active. Do something that lets your body know you appreciate it. Healthful generosity in the form of activity is the best medicine. Go for a hike, do yoga, hire a personal trainer- simply engage in new and or enjoyable activities. Foster the positive in life- you are able bodied, willing and ready!
  2. Set SMART Goals. Be specific with the goals, find ways to measure your goals, gear the goal towards actions, and be sure the goals set are realistic and timely.
  3. Inspire Strong-Lift Weights. Strong bodies equal strong minds- and or vice versa. Did you know that lifting weights can help improve your focus, athletic performance, confidence (self-efficacy), bone strength and ultimately negate your negative body image.

Therefore, may the journey to nurturing your utmost positive being begin today! Get active in efforts to nurture your mind, body and soul!