Do you struggle with binge and emotional eating?

You Deserve Freedom With Food

Do you engage in chronic dieting, stress-induced eating, or unsupportive eating patterns? If you are on this continuum, we can help. Science tells us that food restriction and diets do more harm than good. That’s why Skyterra Wellness Retreat utilizes an evidence-based approach to help you redirect unhealthy eating habits.

Let us be your guide, and the rest will come.

 It’s time for you to reclaim your relationship with food.

Weekly Rate: SEASONAL RATE + $450/week.

Replace destructive behaviors with healthy coping strategies like:
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Self-reflection
  • Mindfulness
  • Supportive eating habits
Reject diet culture in order to:
  • Replace self-judgment with self-care
  • Learn how to break the restriction/binge pendulum
  • Eat nutrient-dense food consistently
  • Engage in mindful eating
Learn about your inner emotional landscape to:
  • Identify binge- or stress-eating triggers
  • Recognise unmet needs that may lead to unhealthy eating
  • Foster an inner dialogue of self-compassion
  • Embrace a positive body image

Skyterra promotes an anti-diet, pro-nourishment philosophy.

There is nothing wrong with using food to fulfill emotional desires. We all do it. For instance, savoring a piece of grandma's apple pie may cultivate family bonding. Likewise, sharing a birthday cake with others at a party expresses love and celebration. We support the kind of emotional eating in which you are aware and positively engaged. However, when you habitually eat in response to stress or unresolved emotions, you may be substituting food for an unmet need.

Diet culture teaches us to restrict food after an episode of binge eating to compensate for our behavior, activating a vicious cycle. At Skyterra, we call this cycle the pendulum.


Our licensed therapists and registered dietitians help you identify eating patterns while providing tools to redirect counterproductive behavior. You may discover that your relationship with food reflects how you feel about yourself. In our supportive, judgment-free environment, we help you heal this relationship so that you can stop this pendulum and break the restrict/rebel cycle. At Skyterra, you can trust our conscientious chefs to serve you only nutritious, organic, and delicious meals suited to your tastes and needs.

Guest Spotlight: Rachel
Guest Spotlight: How Rachel Changed Her Mindset

Rachel is an inspiring guest who has made huge changes in her self-care practices since her first visit. Learn how she is breaking the cycle of yo-yo dieting.

“The biggest thing [about being at Skyterra] is dropping the diet mentality, and thinking about the food that gives me energy, and makes me feel good.”

- Rachel

Freedom with Food

Skyterra offers a unique specialty program designed for people who need specialized guidance with binge eating, compulsive eating, stress-induced eating, excessive exercise, or other related issues: Freedom with Food. Our regular program shares the central tenets of this program yet with less focus on disordered eating patterns. In our Freedom with Food program, we hold in-depth workshops for people along this continuum who need extra attention in this area. We invite you to enjoy the many benefits of our health and wellness retreat while our specialists introduce life-changing strategies for breaking destructive behavior around food.

If you feel out of control with food, we’re here to help you.

The first step to healing your relationship with food is recognizing that you need guidance—what better place to learn these strategies than Skyterra. Call us now to discuss which program is best suited to your needs. We’re excited to meet you, work with you, and support you in this new journey.

Your safety is our top priority. We are not a treatment center or a medical facility. We do not diagnose or formally treat any condition while you are here. If you are concerned about whether this is the right place for you, please contact us.


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