5-Star Wellness Retreat
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An All-Inclusive Wellness Retreat Like No Other.

Make a commitment to yourself. Choose a getaway that feels amazing and takes you one step closer to being your best self.

Welcome Back. Back to YOU. 

When it comes to your health, you want the best. What makes Skyterra Wellness one of the best wellness retreats available is that we focus on what’s best for YOU, and only you.

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Stress Management

Stress Management

Getting started is the hard part, but you can lean on us for that. Other health retreats might tell you what to do, but we teach you how to listen to yourself. Don’t worry, we’ll get you there. 



One very important thing that will happen at Skyterra is that you will learn exactly why it is that you eat. What follows are healthier habits, weight loss, and pure sensory enjoyment.



By integrating body, mind and spirit into the experience, Skyterra creates a life-changing adventure that will put you on the path to balance and optimal health.


Weight Loss

Say goodbye to stress around food and exercise, and welcome contentment, satisfaction, and fun! Become an intuitive eater by learning to eat mindfully with the value of real, whole foods.


The Blue Ridge Mountains around Asheville NC provide a breathtaking backdrop of nature for our outdoor activities, which are designed to inspire a sustainable approach to wellness--one that feels natural to you.

Weight Loss Spa Dining

Learning to eat with intention is a game-changer, and it’s easy when you are also discovering the delicious surprises of real whole-food nutrition.


We may be a wellness retreat, but you will not be doing a lot of ‘retreating’ here. Every step of the way, we’ll be there for you, encouraging you to face and overcome the barriers that are keeping you from being your best self.

Fitness Retreat Classes

You want a fitness retreat  that fits YOU. We call our program ‘Fitness Elevated’ because we take it to a higher level, integrating mind, body, spirit and nature into a truly joyful experience.

"Nurturing staff; all excel at their craft; nutrition, exercise physiology that is tailored to the individual, stress reduction; stretching and relaxation classes that leave you feeling rested and relaxed and feeling really good. A wellness retreat in the mountains that is designed to bring out the best in “you”. A gift to yourself and a place to take the time out for self care and a personal “reset”. As you wind through the mountains to arrive at this mountain top retreat; you are greeting by smiling caring faces;take time to delight in your surroundings, beautiful accommodations, and staff who are there to help you peel away the layers and clear your mind and nurture you. You will find yourself again. I can’t wait to return."

- Trip Advisor