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Natural. Essential. Customized.

Discover the Nature of Health Spa Retreats

At Skyterra Wellness, we like to tune out the noise of daily life, and nowhere is that more relevant than in our nature inspired weight loss spa services. We take our cues from the serenity of the nature around us, whether it’s the all-natural ingredients we use in our treatments or simply the song of the birds outside our window. Some of our treatments are even offered outdoors so you can feel immersed in the calming environment of our mountain haven.


Personally Yours

Each of us has different goals and different challenges. That’s why members of our Skyterra weight loss spas staff will ask you questions that allow us to tailor each treatment specifically for you. The result is a profoundly transformative experience delivered by deeply caring and highly trained specialists.

Massage and Bodywork

Skyterra Signature Massage (60, 90, or 120 minutes) $100 / $150 / $200

Our signature service is an integration of soothing massage modalities to ease the recipient into a deep place of inner peace. Each service is complemented with warm towels and signature Skyterra aromatherapy blends.

Holistic Deep Tissue Massage (75 minutes) $150

This therapy works with the intelligence of trigger point therapy and myofascial release while also combining energetic modalities such as cupping, craniosacral fascial unwinding techniques, and tui na to address the need of body, mind, and spirit integration. The intention of this deep work is to engage the body’s natural healing process and to align the energetic centers with the mind/body communication process.

Skyterra Signature Deep Tissue Massage (60, 90, or 120 minutes) $120 / $180 / $240

Our signature deep tissue massage works to heal areas of tension and chronic pain. These sessions are more specific to a particular region and will not always incorporate the entire body, instead focusing on the areas of the greatest need. When booking, you can request an emphasis on shoulder girdle, hip girdle, upper body, or lower body. If you are unsure of the exact route to take, our therapists will do a thorough overview of your body’s pain patterns and develop a treatment that is best suited for your needs. Each session is complemented with our signature muscle and joint salve, warm towels, and if needed, cold compresses.

Sacred Stone Massage (75 minutes) $150

This massage is truly a journey into deep states of tranquility and ultimate relaxation. Our stones have been carefully selected from the shores of Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Rhode Island and elevate this service to a sacred experience. Warm oil is massaged into the body while stones of varying size and weight glide over the body. Additionally, stones will be carefully placed and covered with sandbags on specific areas of direct need and attention. This treatment, known throughout spas the world over, is elevated to a whole new experience by honoring the sacred powers of ancient stones.

Meridian Massage with Cupping (75 minutes) $150

This massage combines the ancient use of cupping with the intelligence of the meridian systems to balance and harmonize the fascia connective system in the body. It clears blockages in the energy channels so that you can feel vital life force flow through the body. Combined with moxibustion therapy and reflexology in the feet, this treatment is highly energizing and can also initiate the detoxification process.

Abhyanga Massage with Warm Ginger Compress (75 minutes) $165

This service honors the changing seasons and supports the body’s adjustment to a new cycle. This full massage begins at the scalp and works the entire body. Warm sesame oil infused with mustard seed powder is coupled with a deeply soothing, supportive ginger steam ball compress that is worked around the joints and into the belly of the muscles. This massage focuses on nourishing the Vata Dosha in Ayurvedic medicine; it grounds and warms the entire being.

Mustard Seed Foot Soak with Reflexology & Dry Brushing (60 minutes) $115

Combining elements of ritual and rejuvenation, our foot baths are done in a supported savasana on a warmed massage table with eye pillows and warm neck wraps. Warm stones are placed under the hands and on the abdominal region. Each soak begins with a dry brushing of the legs to encourage lymphatic flow and activate circulation. The feet are then eased into a warm bath infused with sesame oil, fresh ginger, and cinnamon with an Ayurvedic mustard bath blend. A 30-minute session of reflexology working with the feet and hands completes the service. This service helps with inflammation, warming of the body, and detoxification.

Head, Neck, and Shoulder Massage with Nasya Therapy (60 minutes) $115

This service is a luxurious way to calm the mind and ground the body. This treatment begins with the application of Nasya oil into each nostril. Nasya oil supports the Vata Dosha by lubricating and relieving dry nasal passages and relieving jaw and head stiffness. It can also alleviate symptoms of mental duress and anxiety. Then, the massage begins with warm, herbal-infused sesame oil poured into the hair and deeply massaged into the scalp. Marma points in the face are stimulated to bring in a deeper sense of relief. The service concludes with a wonderful shoulder and neck massage to further release any tension or anxiety held in this region.

Energetic Bodywork

CranioSacral Therapy (75 minutes) $125

This treatment is done fully clothed and utilizes light touch in specific areas to balance and harmonize the central nervous system and the fascia intelligence. It works to release deep imbalances from injuries and emotional holding patterns that have imprinted their reaction onto our bodies. It is a powerful and non-invasive therapy that engages the body’s natural healing response and can have tremendous effects on spinal misalignments, TMJ issues, birth trauma, headaches, and anxiety.

Sound Bath and Reiki (75 minutes) $115

This session begins with a healing sound ritual to open up vital energy centers. Singing bowls and tuning forks are gently introduced and build into a deep immersion of healing sound. The sacred art of sound promotes healing and connection to our higher self. Reiki is a system of gentle healing that works with the “universal life energy”. It uses very light touch throughout the body with the intention of harmonizing the spiritual, emotional and physical states of our being.

Chakra Alignment and Gemstone Therapy (80 minutes) $150

This therapy clears and illuminates the patterns that have imprinted themselves into our energetic centers. There are seven main chakras of the body, each with their own governing intelligence. When there are blockages or stagnation within one, all are affected. Chakra balancing delves deep into our belief patterns and ancestral influences to understand why our life develops in the way it does. The result is to open up the healing channels to clear negative energetic functioning so that we may have clear perception and sight to our purpose and agreements in this life.