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We Believe Real Sustainable Change Happens When You Get Back to Basics.
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Why we're different than other weight loss resorts.

First of all, we don’t believe that the mission of a weight loss resort is to teach you how to eat less and exercise harder. Odds are you’ve already tried that and you still haven’t gotten the lasting results you seek. You see, we understand that your head is full of noise – eat this, don’t eat that, check your steps for the day, push yourself to the limit, get on the scale again – and enough is enough. Our highly trained, famously compassionate staff will teach you how to tune all of it out until all that is left is your own intuition. And guess what? That’s when the transformation – and, yes, the weight loss – begins. To learn more read our blog post "Why Can't I Lose Weight?"

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Weight Loss Testimonial


For the first time in my life I KNOW I am going to get healthy and in shape.

I cannot wait until my next Skyterra Getaway to show the new me to the "Skyterra Team".. no my new "Skyterra Family." Words are not enough to express my gratitude.

— Shea F

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Intuitive Eating & a Wellness Plan designed just for YOU

After your arrival at Skyterra, you’ll undergo some initial screenings and you’ll meet with an assigned specialist to review your results and make a personalized plan. You’ll be guided through learning to eat mindfully and intuitively, moving with joy and efficiency throughout your day, and so much more. At the end of your stay, you’ll have a scheduled wrap-up session to review your experiences and, most importantly, strategize on how you can continue your life-changing journey when you return home. After all, our program isn’t designed just for a weight loss retreat, it’s designed for your real life.

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A Weight Loss Vacation

  • Say goodbye to stress around food and exercise, and welcome contentment, satisfaction -- and fun!
  • Become an intuitive eater by learning to eat mindfully
  • Learn the value of real, whole foods (that happen to be delicious, too)

Leave with the confidence that your weight loss and healthy habits will be sustained when you return home through all the tools that you’ll acquire at Skyterra

Back to Basics:

Our Weight Loss & Wellness Formula

Stress Management
Intuitive Eating
Efficient Movement





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