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Skyterra Interactive

Bring Skyterra Home With Our Signature App

What is Skyterra Interactive?

Skyterra Interactive is our signature mobile app. With workouts, recipes, yoga, meditation practices, articles, and other resources directly from our experts, it's the next best thing to being at our retreat!

Use the app to find your next workout, enhance your self-care practices, and learn new ways to nourish your mind and body. In a time where too much screen time is one of the biggest enemies of health, this is one tech resource that is sure to serve you.

Who is it For?

Whether you are a previous guest or you're just looking to find out more about our programming, Skyterra Interactive is for you!

Past guests, you will love following along with our workouts in the comfort of your own home. Join Jeff for a LEAN class, ground yourself with one of Amber's Earth Yoga sessions, or breathe deep and meditate with Kate!

If you're curious about the Skyterra experience – or you've never been here and you're just looking for a high-quality health and wellness resource – then Skyterra Interactive is a must-try. We all need support for our individual wellness journeys. Through this app, we're there for you, wherever you are!

How Much does it cost?

While we're in the initial "launch" phase of our app, all content is available for free!

  • Healthy recipes from our culinary team
  • Original article on of-the-moment health topics
  • Workouts, yoga routines, breathwork, meditation, and more!

How do I get it?

Access Skyterra Interactive on your phone (iOS or Android), tablet, or computer. Click one of the links below to get started now!


Joining our community? Discuss Interactive content, submit questions, and get technical support by joining the Skyterra Interactive Facebook group.