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"...From the moment I stepped onto campus, the generous and knowledgeable staff helped guide me through a very individualized and transformational journey towards increased health, vitality and peace of mind. During my time at Skyterra, I lost 4.3 pounds and 3.5 inches off my waist– that's 25% of my weight loss goal in just one week! But more importantly, I gained a renewed sense of self confidence and a profound feeling of groundedness. And all of this takes place in a picture-perfect resort nestled in the mountains offering 5-star accommodations."

- Nicole T. via TripAdvisor



"...My stay was the perfect renewal after a year of stress and exhaustion. I was looking for a place that would take care of me while I searched for what was missing in life. I found it at Skyterra.

I was missing joy and the excellent caring staff and other program participants helped me find that and more. I left feeling renewed, energized and excited for what life may bring. In addition to feeding my soul Skyterra provided excellent accommodations, wonderful meals and plenty of amenities."

- dottie13ohio via TripAdvisor



"I decided to attend the retreat after a difficult ten months following the death of my wife. I arrived exhausted in every which way. The location is gorgeous. From the moment I arrived, I was treated with a collective decency, integrity, and competence beyond anything that I could have expected. After a full week,I left renewed. My physical stamina has a new baseline. My nutritional knowledge has broadened significantly. My psychological resilience has begun to return. There are insufficient words to fully describe my satisfaction with the entire gestalt of the retreat, and I unreservedly recommend it.."

-  Jack R. via Google



"...From the beauty of the grounds, to the comfortable and well thought out accommodations, the excellent whole, healthy food, the fabulous massages, the great hikes and the outstanding fitness and wellness programs, Skyterra is top notch. The entire staff goes out of their way to make sure your experience is personalized to your needs, whether it is stress reduction, fitness, weight loss or simple relaxation. The small size of the program makes the experience extra special.

When we joined the communal dinner table our first evening I was struck by how many of our fellow guests were repeat visitors. Remarkable for a program that is less than 2 years old. It took only a day or so to see why. We are already dreaming about our return."

- Vicki S. via Facebook


  •   I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience Skyterra. I knew I needed a vacation that would allow me to take a legitimate step back from my normal routine in order to explore new activities that promote health and wellness (which I could incorporate...More

    thumb abh004

      Skyterra This is my first review that I ever felt compelled to write because of the life changing experience of the duration of my stay, and the end result that I have been able to sustain, in my initial home setting. Skyterra's main focus is...More

    thumb Jenna S

      My experience at Skyterra for the yoga retreat was amazing!!! Everything was top notch, including the accommodations, meals, teachers, spa, & activities offered. I felt very much at home and cared for. There were so many options during any given day to choose from and...More

    thumb Karen L
  •   It has been a year since I attended Skyterra’s Wellness Retreat. I did not think it could improve , because my experience one year ago was phenomenal. But the program has expanded to offer more options for workouts, activities and education plus early morning and...More

    thumb Connie M

      The location unparalleled; the accommodations superb; Skyterra Staff exceptional; and personal experience I enjoyed will unlikely ever be replicated. I cannot overstate how worthy and effective the Skyterra 'experience' is structured nor the extent of my 'nourishment' in body and soul from my two-week stay....More

    thumb MWAWorld

      My husband and just returned from a week at Skyterra. We were hoping for a reset. Skyterra, more than delivered. The workout classes the pacing the food was all above par. We especially loved the other members and getting to know one another. It felt...More

    thumb A TripAdvisor Member

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