5-Star Wellness Retreat


Mindful Eating. Intuitive Eating. Surprisingly Delicious Eating.

Eating with Intent

One very important thing that will happen at Skyterra is that you will learn exactly why it is that you eat. Paying attention to the reasons you eat often reveals that you eat because of how you’re feeling rather than because your body needs fuel. Just by becoming aware and mindful of this, your relationship to food can be transformative. What follows are healthier habits, weight loss, and pure sensory enjoyment.

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Locally Sourced Meals

Our chefs are committed to farm-to-table, local fruits and vegetables and you will notice the difference right away. Locally sourced foods are able to ripen to their most nutritious state, so they taste vibrant and fresh. Plus, they’re packed with nutritional value, unlike highly processed foods that take away the nutrients and replace it with a variety of ingredients that are not natural or good for your body.

Skyterra Nutritional Kitchen

Superb Cuisine in Our Test Kitchen

Nutritious can be delicious. In our test kitchen, you’ll learn how herbs and spices combined with real whole foods can help you create inspired dishes.

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Life's a Picnic

Spending the day on an adventure like whitewater rafting or mountain biking? We can put together a healthy, delicious picnic lunch to bring along.

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Your Dietary Needs are Covered

Vegetarian? Gluten-free? Vegan? Before you arrive we‘ll discuss any dietary needs or restrictions you have to ensure the best experience possible.