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Intuitive Eating

Mindful Eating / Intuitive Eating Simplified


Mindful & Intuitive Eating
We believe in mindful and intuitive eating at Skyterra. By practicing the steps of mindful eating while adapting to an overall intuitive eating approach one can finally break free from the diet ball and chain that has held you back for way too long.
Intuitive eating was initially recognized by professionals focused on the prevention and healing of eating disorders. It prioritizes 10 major principles that we believe can help any individual develop a better relationship with food. The principles include rejecting the diet mentality, honoring your hunger, discovering the satisfaction factor and making peace with food. The 10 intuitive eating principles are integrated within the Skyterra program. We also provide a valuable mindful eating course that prioritizes the following:

Tune into the physical characteristics of food. Paying close attention to your senses including the taste, texture, temperature, aroma and overall satisfaction of the food is important to grasp the practice of mindful eating. Think of your mouth as being a magnifying glass, zooming in. Imagine that each bite is magnified 100%. Ask yourself:

  • How does this really taste?
  • What does it feel like in my mouth?
  • Is this something I really want?
  • Does it satisfy my taste buds?
  • Is my mind truly present when I take a bite so that I experience it fully?

Tune into repetitive habits and the process of eating. Notice how you eat. In autopilot mode, which is quite common, you are more likely to act out of habit and fall into eating behaviors that we know is not helpful for long term success. Ask yourself:

  • "Is there something I do over and over again that lends itself to mindless eating?
  • Do I have any ingrained habits concerning how I snack?
  • When I pick up my fork, what stands in the way of my feeling in control?

Tune into mindless eating triggers. Aim to be keenly aware of what prompts you to start and stop eating. Where are you snacking? What leads to a binge? Or, do judgmental internal thoughts trigger mindless eating? Become your own expert on the things that push you to eat when you aren't physically hungry. When you know your triggers, you can anticipate them before they happen and make better choices. Ask yourself:

  • "What am I feeling?
  • Am I physically or emotionally hungry?
  • Is my environment, emotional state, or dining companion helping or hurting my efforts to eat mindfully?

We understand these principles take time to develop within the individual; however, Skyterra will introduce these important steps during your stay. We want there to be increased self-awareness and confidence going home. Intuitive eating and mindful eating will get you there.