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Back to Nature, Your Body and Yourself.


Fitness vacations that will bring you to new heights.

Yes, there are many fitness resorts, but no one inspires and empowers like Skyterra. We take everything you know about fitness and elevate those concepts into your life in an authentic way, making movement so much more than a workout or run. By integrating body, mind and spirit into the experience, we create a life-changing adventure that will put you on the path to balance and optimal health.

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Mobility Screening

When it comes to active sustainability and fitness performance, understanding how you move now is essential in becoming your personal best. After you arrive, we'll assess your movement and mobility using tenets of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) which will identify your weaknesses and imbalances. These results will help us build a smart, safe platform from which you can leap into your very own personalized fitness plan.

Fitness Vacations

Get Outside

Your proximity to the wonders of nature will be more inspiring for your fitness than you could ever imagine. That’s why we offer such a long list of outdoor activities and adventures, including walking, hiking, yoga, cycling, kayaking, paddleboarding, water aerobics, cardio interval, strength training and much more. It makes being at Skyterra feel less like a fitness retreat and more like a fitness vacation.

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The Fun in Fundamentals

So, here’s a surprise. You’re going to have a blast during your fitness activities here. Because we spend time helping you develop a positive mindset around the essentials of fitness, you’ll notice a change in how you feel about it. And it’s about time. Literally. You see, hours do not equal results, but the quality and efficiency of your movement can ensure success. Bottom line? It’s fun!

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After You're Home from your Fitness Vacation

You’ll have what you need to keep fit and keep going. Our entire program is designed to be sustainable.  Unlike other fitness vacations, what you learn here will not just result in a healthy fitness retreat experience, but in life altering change -- change that allows you to continue your new healthy habits with ease once your stay has ended.


Fitness Retreat Testimonial


For the first time in my life I KNOW I am going to get healthy and in shape.

I cannot wait until my next Skyterra Getaway to show the new me to the "Skyterra Team".. no my new "Skyterra Family." Words are not enough to express my gratitude.

— Shea F