5-Star Wellness Retreat

Fitness Classes & Activities

We Make Fitness an Adventure

When you connect to earth, the sky has no limit.

Hiking in the:

  • Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Nanahala National Forest
  • DuPont
  • Gorges National Forest

Waterfall Hunting
Walking trails
Cycling (Indoor/E-Bike)
Paddleboarding (Seasonal)
Kayaking (Seasonal)

Yoga Therapy
Strength Training
Cardio Interval

TRX Intervals
Rowing (Indoor)
Water Yoga (Seasonal)
Water Aerobics (Seasonal)
Aquatic Chi (Seasonal)

Fitness Classes & Activities

*Note: Skyterra provides classes on a varying, seasonal and customized schedule.

Stress Management Classes

We acknowledge that it takes curiosity, compassion, and commitment for achievements in stress management. The journey to improved wellbeing is one that integrates the body, mind, and spirit.  Therefore, as we believe in aspirations for enhancements in stress management and self-care, we compassionately provide the following signature educational classes.

Positive Perception

Power of Beliefs

We’ve all heard how bad stress is for us and most of us live pressured lives with many demands. Discover the correlation between resilience and mindset, the power of beliefs to shape reality. Learn how to cultivate a mindset to allow stress rather than avoid it, and how stress can provide focus and energy. We will discuss how stress can actually help people connect and that our brain is built to learn from stress.

Sound Sleep
Eating Unplugged

Fitness Classes

Healthy, active and fit lifestyles begin with honoring self-care. Here at Skyterra our fitness philosophy celebrates that no individual is the same. Purposeful movement inspires functionality, sustainability, and longevity. Our professional expert team is here to support you on your journey. We value that hours do not equal success.

Quality over quantity, pre-habilitation vs. re-habilitation, and “all-terrain” training are just some of our unmatched principles. Movement is essential, and we honor your commitment to getting started. Our individual custom programming will help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals. Our signature and group fitness classes will motivate, inspire and challenge you. Considering, the skies the limit, join us in reaching for the stars. We are dedicated to improving your fitness and wellbeing, one sky at a time.

Our Signature “Terra- Track” fitness offerings include the following:

ABT — Aquatic Based Training

Signature Aquatic Program
SEASONAL (Spring/Summer)

Our signature aquatic program classes will vary each week.

CRE — Cardio Respiratory Endurance
BCD —Body Composition Development
MFB — Mobility, Flexibility & Breathing
MMT — Mind Movement Therapy
OES — Outdoor Education & Skills
OLA — Outdoor Lifestyle Activities
EDU — Signature Fitness Education/Lecture Series

Nutrition Classes

Skyterra prioritizes whole, unprocessed foods that are resourced sustainably with the intention to nourish the body, prevent disease, regulate hormones and enhance quality of life. We recognize that nourishing the body is essential. We also empower one to nourish the mind in efforts to foster healthier nutritional adherence. Below are some of our signature Skyterra Nutrition lecture series.

Eat Real Food

Nutrition Philosophy

This seminar is Skyterra’s foundational nutrition class. Our main nutrition philosophy will be discussed as one will leave with a better understanding of what real foods to prioritize in order to promote a healthy lifestyle, optimal metabolism and an improved quality of life. This class has been developed for all guests.

Empowered Portions
Menu Development

Vitals Classes

With the primary focus on prevention, we seek to educate on vital indicators associated with optimal health and wellbeing. We acknowledge that fostering better understanding in baseline values and behaviors will encourage awareness. Further, in the awareness of today we can understand the potential for tomorrow. The Skyterra Philosophy supports sustainable and active living. Thus, in efforts to educate, encourage and empower optimal wellbeing our signature screenings and philosophy lecture will motivate, enhance and support optimum vitality.

In-Body 570

Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis - BIA

To thoroughly learn about your body and its condition, take our BIA test. You’ll reveal your current percentage of body fat, muscle distribution, and body water balance.

Train Well Screening
Skyterra Philosophy


Skyterra Wellness has been sustainably designed with the progressive and proactive client in mind. We understand that wellness is multi-dimensional, holistic, changes over time and along a continuum. Most importantly, we acknowledge that wellness is individual yet influenced by the environment and one’s surrounding community.
We acknowledge that well-designed, desirable, progressive, proactive, unmatched education and or experiences intentionally empower optimal health and wellbeing.

By empowering a community that supports you and your journey, Skyterra inspires transformation.

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