Meet The Team At Skyterra Wellness


Michael Vess

Director of Culinary Services & Executive Chef

Every guest has different dietary needs and preferences, but all deserve food that’s beautiful, beneficial, and delicious. Michael taps into his years in the restaurant industry to ensure that each Skyterra visitor enjoys a nourishing, memorable dining experience at every single meal.

A lifelong cook, Michael has been a leader in some of the Southeast’s most well-regarded kitchens, including the Southern favorite Tupelo Honey. His multi-faceted cuisine has deep roots in traditional comfort cooking, but it is constantly informed and inspired by both world and local themes. A visit to the Skyterra culinary center during mealtimes confirms that his stunning dishes elicit a glowing response from everyone who tastes them.

He works closely with Skyterra’s resident dietitian to establish varied, nutritionally dense menus for our guests. Everyone – regardless of food allergies, restrictions or dislikes – is guaranteed mouth-watering foods with a complete nutritional profile. Michael sources whole, quality ingredients from local farms and high-integrity purveyors, so guests receive only the best.

In Skyterra’s culinary center, the value of food is not reduced to calories, protein, carbs and fat. Macronutrient content and portion sizes are important, but so are the sensory thrills and the sense of community that meals provide. Michael’s passion and dedication to his craft ensure that every guest associates eating with mindfulness and pleasure, and all are empowered to do so upon their return home.