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Maddy Aper

Maddy Aper

Director of Spa Services

Maddy has dedicated herself to a path of service in the field of the healing and spiritual arts. Her passion is to unveil the calling of the soul and removing the blocks that inhibit our progress towards natural functioning.

She began her studies in 2008 studying advanced bodywork techniques at Red Mountain School of the Healing Arts. Here she developed a deep relationship with the energetic and physical barriers that inhibit the body's healing processes. She earned a degree in Clinical Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy. During her training, she also studied somatic awareness, traditional Chinese therapies, and kinesiology.

After she graduated, she went into her work with an absolute vision of what she needed to accomplish and sought the teachers and environments that would take her there. For the past five years, she has been working very closely with a master healer from Colombia, South America who is guided in the ancestral wisdom of the Kogi Elders of the northern coastal region of Colombia. Through this work, she has been given the honor and privilege to receive pristine teachings of vibrational medicine. This work is reflected in her ability to navigate each client and provide highly individualized treatments.

Her work incorporates Chinese massage techniques, ayurvedic treatments, sound healing, gemstone therapy, lomi lomi massage, abdominal massage, chakra attunements, flower essences, and many other modalities that align deeply to the original vibration of each client. The intent of her work is to align the body to the spirit and to bring absolute awareness to our own personal power. She believes when these components come into harmony we are in a state of natural functioning and awareness of our true nature.

She brings to Skyterra absolute heart and gratitude to each client that comes into her path and is honored to be of service to all who come to her for treatments.