5-Star Wellness Retreat

Meet The Team At Skyterra Wellness


Teresa Ostler
General Manager

Teresa worked as a pediatric nurse for over three decades. Her passion is helping individuals of all ages stay safe and healthy.

Jeff Ford
Program Director

Jeff has endless energy for all things fitness. With over a decade of experience, he has the rare ability to motivate, educate, and challenge people of all ages, backgrounds, and levels.

Lindsay Ford
Registered Dietician

Lindsay is an impassioned and experienced Registered Dietitian. She coaches guests toward an innate knowledge of how food feeds the mind and body.

Molly Caldwell
Licensed Therapist

Molly is an advocate of the human experience. She uses an eclectic mix of therapeutic techniques to help individuals unearth ways of resiliency and authenticity no matter where they are on their journey toward whole living.

Ellwood Crowell
Recreation Specialist

Ellwood was born and raised in Utah. Fostering his love for adventure, Ellwood enlisted in the United States Navy and served on active duty for five years.

Caroline Woolard
Yoga Teacher


Michael Vess
Director of Culinary Services

Michael taps into his years in the restaurant industry to craft a nourishing, memorable dining experience at every single meal.

Nicole Blastow
Executive Chef

Nicole is a creative and detail-oriented chef. She is also a talented teacher, leading eye-opening (and mouthwatering) culinary demos for our guests.

Guest Services

Jenna Salvati
Guest Services Lead


MacKenzie Ostler

MacKenzie values the essential balance between mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Brent Ostler
Transportation & Grounds

Brent works tirelessly to ensure that all guests are where they need to be, keeping everyone safe and comfortable in the process.

Spa Services

Maddy Aper
Spa Lead

Maddy crafts our spa offerings with an open heart, a healing touch, and gratitude for every service opportunity.


Patrick Davis
IT Lead

Patrick is an ever-helpful tech whiz that keeps our business data and communications systems running.

Dawnrae Wilson
Program Assistant & Marketing Analyst

Dawnrae is an effective and efficient project manager. She has a deep belief in the transformative effects of the Skyterra philosophy and program.


Mark McKenzie
Chief Financial Officer

Mark puts his decades of accounting experience to work helping Skyterra and its programs grow and thrive.