Healthy Aging

Embracing Life's Seasons

April 28th - May 5th, 2019

Learn the Lasting Secrets of Wellbeing at Any Age

Skyterra’s Healthy Aging Retreat, led by leading Conscious Aging luminary Dr. Lori Soli, inspires profound creative exploration and is designed for people in any season of life. Reflecting a paradigm shift in our cultural thinking about aging, she guides participants to healthier understandings about our potential in every phase of life through empowering workshops, discussions, and recreational activities.

Alongside Dr. Soli’s life-affirming program, our team of experts will usher you through sessions of our core program including yoga, meditation, culinary demos, and outdoor adventure, all in Skyterra’s beautiful, mountain setting.

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Nurture Yourself

Eat healthy, delicious food, and breathe clean, mountain air in a safe, pressure-free environment. Relax. Taste each spice, fruit, and grain on your tongue. Stretch your muscles. Learn about yourself in a new way.


Free Yourself From Others’ Expectations

We meet you where you are on your personal journey, and simply offer support and guidance to help you learn strategies for managing challenges, accepting yourself, and building resilience.


Celebrate You

More than anytime in your life, you have permission to define yourself on your own terms. Here you will explore how you wish to define yourself. You will learn tools to help you achieve your goals without buying into limiting perceptions about age.

You Deserve to Keep Growing

We are a species wired with the need to feel purposeful, vital, appreciated, loved, and creative. As a society, we equate this kind of life force primarily with youth, yet we possess these same human needs for our entire life. As we get older, we notice that many of the heroes that we see in movies, ads, and social media are younger. Little by little, our cultural value seems to diminish. Yet, we don’t have to buy into the false perceptions that growing older means being less able to participate fully in our lives.

After all, this is your life. This is your narrative. Teachers like Dr. Soli remind us that we live in an era ripe for the shaking up of old stigmas about aging, and that we have the power to turn them into fruitful opportunities. Even so, facing society’s constant onslaught of impossible perfectionism can be daunting. Sometimes it takes an exceptional guide to illuminate this path to self-empowerment, and a safe haven in which to explore it.

At our Healthy Aging Retreat, you will examine the many hidden gifts within the process of aging, including the wisdom that may only be found after the losses, successes, and failures of experience. No one is exempt from aging, yet in so many ways, we may choose how we live out this ever-present experience.

Discovering this at Skyterra is not only emancipating, but also delicious, relaxing, rejuvenating, and joyful.

Healthy Aging Rates

$3,500 (all-inclusive seasonal weekly rate) + $350 (specialty week programming) = $3,850
Includes Lodging, Meals, Skyterra Core Program, and the Healthy Aging Specialty Week Experience

What Can You Expect?

In addition to Skyterra's core program of classes and activities, Healthy Aging retreat participants will wrap the week with three full days of  classes and activities related to healthy aging. This is a sample; details may change depending on enrollment. Any questions? Contact us or message us on Facebook

  • Embrace Conscious Aging

    Through discussions, and a variety of creative strategies, you will explore what drew you to Skyterra this week, and what your hopes, fears, needs, and desired outcomes are both personally, and for the group. As your journey begins, this class may feel like a metaphorical trust fall as you are encouraged to lean into discomfort, release expectations, affirm yourself, and trust the process.

  • Envision Your Journey

    Delve deeply into what it feels like to be you, and reimagine yourself. You have the power to attain unimagined heights this week. Take a tour of your past, present, and who you hope to become. Receive nurturing guidance as you embrace the here and now while reawakening your inner wisdom. Envision your desired short- and long-term intentions through the use of pictures, movement, and journaling.

  • Stand Your Ground

    Learn how life-affirming it can feel to stand your ground, embrace authenticity, and make a conscious effort to do away with impossible ideals that set yourself up for a sense of failure. You don’t need to apologize for having needs. Here we practice shifting our thoughts and feelings toward our needs and our circumstances instead of conforming to others’ expectations.

  • Prepare for What May Come

    Sorting out the stigmas about aging from the realities of aging can be a daunting task. Here we will take an honest look at some of the realities of aging, caregiving, and care-receiving, while educating ourselves about how we can best prepare for these stages in life. Since fear can easily take over our thoughts regarding aging, we will address realities like Alzheimer's disease with honesty, care, and bravery so that we can operate out of knowledge instead of fear.

  • Good Grief

    Life is change, and change can bring grief. Yet grief is something as important to let yourself experience as breathing. As we age, losses and griefs can feel overwhelming and weigh heavy on mind, body, and spirit. It can be healing to allow yourself time to understand the different types of grief and loss in your life, as well as debunk myths that you may have stumbled into that no longer serve you. Here we will engage in self-exploration through guided exercises.

  • Gracefully Changing Hats

    Oh, the Places You Will Go! Dr. Seuss had it right as his character traveled along a magical journey of failure, and success; celebration, and loss. Like him, you have worn many hats. Some have fit better than others. As we age, we find that some hats no longer fit, and will need to be released. This can be a struggle if this hat feels important to your identity. Here, you will explore your old, new, and maybe undiscovered elements of your identity, and weigh which ones you need, and which ones you can let go of. We will practice mindfulness and grounding strategies to help guide any anxiety you might have about these changes into graceful acceptance.

  • Navigate Caretaking

    The chances of your being a caregiver to an aging person, or needing to be given this care, are significant. Caregiving can take a toll on one’s ability to care for one’s self, and create anxiety. Likewise, needing care can trigger equally powerful feelings of anxiety. Here we will explore the challenges and gifts that both caregiving and care-getting can bring. The session will be closed after five minutes to encourage vulnerability, sharing stories, and exchanging ideas.

  • Sex-Positive at Any Age

    Physical and emotional intimacy are significant contributors to satisfaction and wellness at any stage of life, whether or not you choose to embrace it. As we age, this does not change. In fact, as life’s seasons unfold, they usher in bountiful opportunities for self-rediscovery that include claiming or reclaiming your sexual self. With humor, joy, and honesty, we will explore enacting your own sexual bill of rights at any age, in a judgement-free zone. Own it. Proclaim it, and don’t even think of shaming it.

  • Fruitful Communication

    Avoidance is the antithesis of communication, and communication is fundamental to aging well, whatever your age. Relearning communication strategies can embolden you, and help you engage in honest conversations about difficult subjects. Here you will learn strategies to address necessary questions with others in your life on such topics as end-of -life decisions, mental health challenges, advanced directives, and designating powers of attorney.

  • Create Your Conscious Aging Map

    Having spent a week collecting tools and skills, now it is time to consciously create your map forward. The great thing about maps is that there are choices about which route you may go. You have the freedom to create more than one path and can even change paths midway. Through creative exploration and written exercises, you will map out what you need to sustain your empowerment, and identify obstacles while applying strategies to overcome them.

  • Nurture and Practice Gratitude

    The act of nurturing our own mind, body and spirit is a gift we give ourselves. It can also be a means by which we create a reservoir of strength out of which we may give to others. Creating nourishing rituals within our daily lives helps keep us grounded in the present; our energy focused on what we value. Rituals can also serve as sacred reminders of the connections between our past lived experiences and our present and future ones. Evidence shows that practicing gratitude has a high correlation with mental health, and overall wellness. Blending gratitude, ritual, and breathing, with movement, we will begin to reflect on our time together.

  • Re-Entry Strategies

    Spending time at Skyterra is a powerful experience. It is also intensely personal, and it can be difficult to find the words to describe its impact on you. You may have formed new, deep relationships, which may have the potential to create jealousy, or potential conflict at home; not what anyone needs when coming off a Skyterra high! Your families and the others you return to have no idea what you have experienced, even though they may truly want to. Understanding this, and mindfully planning re-entry strategies, can facilitate a smoother reintegration into “real life” and work.

About Our Healthy Aging Facilitator

Skyterra is very pleased to welcome a guest expert for our Healthy Aging Retreat: Dr. Lori Soli of Riley Wellness Group.

Dr. Lori Soli

Dr. Lori Soli, Counselor and Coach

Dr. Lori Soli is a licensed counselor, approved clinical supervisor, life coach, and educator. In her practice, she listens deeply to each individual's narrative and works to bring about mindful, wholehearted self-reflection in each and every one. She believes that everyone has unlimited inner potential, waiting to be set free.

Dr. Soli takes a creative, holistic approach blending methodologies including ACT, Gestalt, experiential, music, movement, drama, nature, yoga, art, narrative, and humor. She earned her PhD in Counseling and Supervision, and an MS in Counseling from Oregon State University. She maintains an LPCC license and an active PPS credential in California. She is also an NCC, ACS, a BC-TMH, and is in the process of becoming a BCC. In addition, she has certificates in coaching, trauma-informed therapy, crisis intervention stress debriefing, NLP, and others.

Dr. Soli is a nature-loving wife, mum, and grandma. She has addressed topics of conscious aging and vibrant elderhood in her practice, in her life, and in her writing.