Binge and Emotional Eating Retreat


Binge and Emotional Eating Retreat - Serenity Awaits

December 3rd-9th
January 7th-13th

Open the door to recovery from binge eating and damaging emotional eating. Your path to recovery awaits.

The chaos and shame created by binging and emotional eating can lead to years of needless self-loathing. It’s like living a double life. We put on a big smile while trying the newest diet with enthusiasm and hope, but underneath, we suffer from the control that food has over us. We feel hopeless and helpless.

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The Serenity Awaits Binge Eating Specialty Week at Skyterra opens the door to freedom from binge eating. In addition to our full weekly lineup of wellness programming, this seven-day retreat offers informative and inspiring lectures meant to shed much-needed light on coping strategies and long-term recovery solutions for emotional eating and binge eating. Skyterra staff will be joined by binge eating expert Lisette Cifaldi, MSW, LMSW, of Eating Sanity.

Join us for a week of healing days in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains! We will be hosting the Serenity Awaits Retreat for two sessions: from December 3 – 9th, 2017, and again on January 7-13, 2018.  Come be supported in a safe and nurturing environment, created by professionals that understand the struggles you are facing firsthand.

Skyterra Serenity Awaits Retreat

Here are just a few things you can expect to take away from the retreat:

  • An intricate understanding of the emotional experience
  • Training in separating emotions from responses and actions
  • More trigger awareness and strategies for minimizing triggers
  • Listening to the internal dialogue around emotional eating and binging
  • Positive body image work that helps to disarm the dysfunctional eating
  • Training in mindful eating to reconnect with the sensory experience of eating
  • Meditation training for controlling stress and difficult emotions



Working in the field of health and wellness for over twenty years, Lisette Cifaldi has helped thousands of people heal and transform their lives. She is a compassionate and inspiring therapist, coach, educator, and empowerment specialist.

Trained in mind/body medicine at the Harvard Mind/Body Medical Institute and the former Director of Behavioral Health for Hilton Head Health, Lisette has worked in the field of health & wellness for over twenty years. Over that time she has helped thousands of people heal and transform their lives. Using her experience as a behavioral therapist, Lisette supports people in improving their relationship with food, enhancing life-balance, exploring spiritual enrichment, cultivating gratitude and finding meaning & purpose in their everyday existence.

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