Join us for Skyterra Alumni Week: June 7 to June 14, 2020

The best week to be at Skyterra

Our first annual ALUMNI WEEK will be June 7 to June 14, 2020. This week is all about celebrating our superfans like you!

We'll have themed days for yoga, recreation, fitness, etc., along with specialty culinary experiences, and a team-based Fitness Games competition. Compete with and against Skyterra staff and other alumni.

This will be a Skyterra experience like none other! Open to Skyterra past guests only -- you must have stayed at least once with us prior to attending.

Highlights include:

Team building

Compete with your team for points all week long

Fitness Challenges

Lift, Primal, Yoga, Aqua, Pilates, the Skyterra obstacle course, and more

Evening events

Soul Collage Throwdown, Bowling Showdown, Campfire Trivia, the Skyterra TED Talk Night and outings

Culinary cookoffs

Chopped- and Top Chef-style cookoffs

Recreation and Adventure

Hike with Yoga, Sliding Rock and Davidson River float, and Whitewater rafting

Skyterra Triathlon

Swim, bike and run with your team

All culminating in the Skyterra Fitness Games!

Which team will earn the Alumni Week Title?