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All About Fascia: Keeping Your Connective Tissue Healthy

All About Fascia

Have you ever had pain or discomfort you couldn’t identify, or lingering tightness and tension that you just couldn’t shake? Have you ever wondered why techniques like foam rolling can “hurt so good,” or why a massage can trigger an intense emotional reaction? The answer lies in understanding fascia – the thin sheath of fibrous connective tissue that surrounds every muscle, bone, nerve, artery, and organ in the body.

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New to Yoga? Considerations for Practice

The practice of yoga is an ancient tradition.  New yoga students should always consider the instructors training, expertise, and teaching methods. The new yoga student should always be encouraged to honor their physical limitations. Any type of physical activity that challenges the body should be practiced with dedicated individual attention and care. Body awareness and…

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Great Workouts While Traveling

If you’re someone who travels for work, it can be very difficult to get into a consistent fitness routine. Never let time or equipment limit you. For most people starting an exercise program, the perfect and safest place to begin is functional body weight exercises that wake up and develop proper range of motion. This…

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3 Mobility Techniques You Should Be Doing Every Day

The Couch Stretch If you haven’t heard of the couch stretch you’re missing out. This is the most readily available technique that you can do just about anywhere as long as you have a wall, chair or a couch. If you’re like most people, you’re are forced to sit at a desk all day long,…

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