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The Biggest Winner (Spoiler Alert, It’s Not the Dieters)

Why diets and “fat camps” fail. Everyone wants to look good to others. In many cultures, this ideal means looking thin and fit. Thus, Americans go on an average of five diets in their life span. That’s because in recent decades obesity rates have soared. In response, the 66-billion dollar diet industry thrives. But at…

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Free Skyterra Class! ELEVATE Interval Cardio Workout

Skyterra Elevate Interval Cardio Workout

Need to shake up your cardio routine? Forget slogging away for long hours and try this guided interval cardio workout instead. In the video, we use a treadmill, but you can use a rower, elliptical, or any piece of cardio equipment. You can also follow along while running or walking outside! This class will look…

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Three Questions for Planning a New Workout Routine

Wellness Retreat Expert Guide

We see you out there. You’re motivated to begin a new workout routine and you want to get started right away. Or maybe you’ve been there before: you jumped into an ambitious new routine, only to end up hating it, getting injured, or just plain burnt out. Sound familiar? Don’t be too hard on yourself…

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You Always Win with Short and Simple Exercise Plans

woman doing floor exercises in her office

Do you struggle to maintain your fitness routine? When something in your day goes off-track, is workout time the first thing you throw out the window? In their bestselling book, The One Thing, authors Gary Keller and Jay Papasan propose a bold idea that may give you a clue as to why you find it…

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Three Common Myths Surrounding Strength Training

outdoor strength training tire pull with coach

Myth 1:  If I lift heavy weights I’ll get bulky. Fact:  Throw this one away without a second thought. Lifting weights doesn’t mean your muscles will get bigger. When designing any weight training program, the sets and repetitions have to be individualized to the person and their goals. Training for body building competitions is far…

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Are You Stuck in a Cardio/Diet Mentality?

strength training outdoors

When it comes to weight loss practices, the belief that cardio is king and lifting weights is for guys instead of gals dominates our thinking to the point that it’s become an accepted cultural norm. Unfortunately, this mentality has two major drawbacks: It’s not grounded in scientific data. It’s part and parcel of a self-destructive,…

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Be Hip with Hip Health

boat pose and variation

The Cycle of Life Through time or as the result of injury, loss of mobility or decrease in range of motion in our joints creates misalignments, and misalignments create compensation. Think of it this way: a twisted ankle makes us change the way we walk. This in turn affects our knees, our hips, our back,…

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