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How Our New Understanding of Dopamine Can Help Us Avoid Addiction

A Misunderstood Neurotransmitter Chances are, you’ve heard about the dubious “molecule of more:” dopamine. If so, you may associate it with pleasure, or know it as the “feel- good brain chemical.” These attributes are only partially true. In recent years, dopamine has received a lot of attention for its power to get us hooked on…

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In a Culture of Screen Fixation, A Nature Study “Breaks Ground”

Stress-Relief the Old Fashioned Way: Nature Immersion It’s no longer just a hippie trope to “chill out” in nature. Indeed, recent evidence from a new nature study shows that the stress hormone cortisol significantly decreases when you go the way of Thoreau. More to the point, your body and mind remember how to relax when…

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4 Ways To Boost Dopamine Levels Naturally

How We Can Harness Dopamine To Make Us Healthier If the current millennium had a chemical mascot, it would likely be dopamine: the double-dealing neurotransmitter that keeps us wanting more. More coffee, more clothes, more food, more beer, more love, more money. Who would think all this want begins with a chemical exchange between synapses…

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The Biggest Winner (Spoiler Alert, It’s Not the Dieters)

Why diets and “fat camps” fail. Everyone wants to look good to others. In many cultures, this ideal means looking thin and fit. Thus, Americans go on an average of five diets in their life span. That’s because in recent decades obesity rates have soared. In response, the 66-billion dollar diet industry thrives. But at…

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Skyterra Fitness Challenge

Enter to win a free week at Skyterra and other prizes! Who’s ready to win a transformative week at Skyterra Wellness Retreat? All you need to do is participate in our 6-week fitness challenge to be entered into the drawing. (Anyone can do it, and you can do it from your own home.) First prize:…

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Golden Opportunity for a Second Childhood

The power of lived experience and perceptions. What a golden opportunity I was given to write a blog for the upcoming Healthy Aging: Embracing Life’s Seasons week that I will be facilitating at the end of the month. Elated, I began. And stopped. Feeling stuck, I pondered how to start a blog about a topic no…

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5 of the World’s Longevity Hotspots

What can we learn from centenarians? Learn about our Healthy Aging specialty week at Skyterra Wellness Retreat. Living a long life is no accident. Well, maybe it is for George Burns or someone’s aunt who smoked a pack a day until she died at 97. We’ve all heard these stories. Though we have no control…

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6 Health Benefits of Honey

honey on spoon

A spoonful of honey helps the medicine go down. For a hive to produce a kilo of honey, bees must gather the pollen of five million flowers. Hence, the medicinal properties contained in these flowers are concentrated and preserved in the honey. For this reason, the world has used honey as medicine since the time…

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Killer Bees Honey Expands Apiary to Skyterra

The Magic and Medicine of Bees There’s something about honey that stirs nostalgia. Maybe this feeling comes from the memories distilled in the liquid. You can almost taste the summer day when a pollen-laden bee visited a wand of lavender. There are at least two stories within each drop of honey: the story of the…

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