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Free Skyterra Class! ELEVATE Interval Cardio Workout

Skyterra Elevate Interval Cardio Workout

Need to shake up your cardio routine? Forget slogging away for long hours and try this guided interval cardio workout instead. In the video, we use a treadmill, but you can use a rower, elliptical, or any piece of cardio equipment. You can also follow along while running or walking outside! This class will look…

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Run Injury Free: An Infographic

marathon runners

Good runners focus on proper form.  The goal is to pull your feet straight up as if there is a string attached under your hips.  Posture should be tall and upright.  You should use your hamstrings to capitalize on muscle elasticity.  Post our infographic on a full-length mirror or photograph yourself in position to practice and ensure…

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