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Five Ways to Increase Happiness Through Fitness

Increase Happiness With These Additions to Your Fitness Routine

“Life is what you make of it.” “You are responsible for your own happiness.” Sounds familiar, right? We are often told to take happiness into our own hands, but that’s easier said than done. My advice? Start with your fitness routine, where a few simple practices have a huge affect on your overall happiness. It’s…

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Fitness in 5 Minutes or Less

Part One We know you’re busy. Whether it’s work, school, or taking care of your family, it can be difficult to find the time to focus on you. That’s why we’ve created our 5-Minutes or Less Outdoor Fitness Series. Each workout will feature a multi-level and scalable option. So, regardless if this is your first…

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Daily Living Movements to Master


In the 17 years between 1992 and 2009, admissions to skilled nursing facilities increased almost threefold, from 28 to 80 per 1,000 Medicare beneficiaries. Additionally, over 1.3 million Americans now live in nursing homes (1). We’re not only not moving, but we’re not training our movement in the way that leads to “exceptional survival” –…

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Why Outdoors?

walking outdoors in the woods

It’s easy to understand why people are attracted to gyms and fitness clubs. They have a fundamental magnetism rooted in the human need for community and routine. They’re predictable, accessible, and comfortable. They cater to our tendency to be creatures of habit and our undeniable need to be around like-minded individuals. The latest scientific research,…

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