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How to Make a New Year’s Fitness Resolution That Sticks

New Year's Fitness Resolutions

The New Year is upon us! You don’t need to be a statistics expert to observe that an overwhelming number of resolution-makers fixate on some kind of health or fitness goal in their plans for the upcoming year. And that’s not a bad thing – anyone who aspires to self-improvement deserves support. The problem is,…

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A Sweet “Thank You” From a Skyterra Guest

Today, our repeat guest Margie surprised and delighted us by sending in this video. To us, it’s the best kind of testimonial: she shares sweet, heartfelt words about her experience in a funny, relatable way. Give it a watch – maybe her progress will inspire you! We have been extremely proud of Margie. She has really invested…

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Can’t Stay Motivated? Try Taking a New Approach

New Approaches to Motivation

Many of our guests tell us that staying motivated is their biggest health challenge. They are definitely not alone! If you’re feeling discouraged about your health, fitness level, or weight loss goals, know that you can give yourself a reset at any time. Relax, be kind to yourself, and consider these new approaches to motivation.…

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Five Ways to Increase Happiness Through Fitness

Increase Happiness With These Additions to Your Fitness Routine

“Life is what you make of it.” “You are responsible for your own happiness.” Sounds familiar, right? We are often told to take happiness into our own hands, but that’s easier said than done. My advice? Start with your fitness routine, where a few simple practices have a huge affect on your overall happiness. It’s…

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Redefining Weight Loss: Your Questions Answered

Redefining Weight Loss Series

A change in perspective can help you meet your health and fitness goals. In our Redefining Weight Loss series, Fitness Director Jeff Ford talks about some common mental hurdles associated with weight loss and how to overcome them. Check out these videos for jolts of inspiration and quick thoughts on common issues. Have a question…

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Five Resolutions You’ve Probably Never Made (But Should)

post its with new years resolutions

News Flash! Mainstream, bumper-sticker New Year’s resolutions don’t work, so stop wasting your time with them. This isn’t the year you’re finally going to lose weight or get back to exercising five times a week like you used to—not if you think of your resolutions only in terms of the results. The sad fact is…

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How to Motivate Yourself to Get Fit

fitness motivation working out

Getting fit is certainly a worthwhile goal. After all, you’ve got only one body to get you through this lifetime, so it’s important to take very good care of it. However, fitness doesn’t come without consistent effort and discipline – and both of those require a good deal of motivation. While some people seem to…

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