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How to Make a New Year’s Fitness Resolution That Sticks

New Year's Fitness Resolutions

The New Year is upon us! You don’t need to be a statistics expert to observe that an overwhelming number of resolution-makers fixate on some kind of health or fitness goal in their plans for the upcoming year. And that’s not a bad thing – anyone who aspires to self-improvement deserves support. The problem is,…

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Five Ways to Increase Happiness Through Fitness

Increase Happiness With These Additions to Your Fitness Routine

“Life is what you make of it.” “You are responsible for your own happiness.” Sounds familiar, right? We are often told to take happiness into our own hands, but that’s easier said than done. My advice? Start with your fitness routine, where a few simple practices have a huge affect on your overall happiness. It’s…

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Seven Tips for a Happy, Healthy Labor Day Weekend

Healthy Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end of summer, so let’s cap off the season in a positive way! Whether you’re traveling, staying home, attending a cookout, or just trying to fit in some relaxation and balance, here are some ideas, recipes, and inspiration for a healthy Labor Day from the team at Skyterra Wellness.…

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Airport Yoga

yoga pose

This is Part I in our Holiday Stress Management Series.   Be sure to download, save or print the Airport Yoga Infographic to take with you on your travels! It’s tough to keep your workout routine alive during the holidays, especially when you travel. Holiday trips present a special conundrum: you’re one-hundred percent thrilled about…

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