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All About Fascia: Keeping Your Connective Tissue Healthy

All About Fascia

Have you ever had pain or discomfort you couldn’t identify, or lingering tightness and tension that you just couldn’t shake? Have you ever wondered why techniques like foam rolling can “hurt so good,” or why a massage can trigger an intense emotional reaction? The answer lies in understanding fascia – the thin sheath of fibrous connective tissue that surrounds every muscle, bone, nerve, artery, and organ in the body.

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The Magic of VooDoo Floss Bands

voodoo floss

Do you ever feel like your joints just won’t move the way they used to? Are you feeling all stiff and glued up prior to your workouts? Whether you’re starting a fitness program or just trying to keep up, everyone should consider consistently using VooDoo Floss bands. If I were to recommend one recovery tool…

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