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  5-Star Wellness Retreat


Skyterra Holidays

Holidays should include time to take care of yourself. With many Americans gaining weight during the holidays, it can be easy to let fitness goals slip. That’s why we offer joyful holiday celebrations along with guided progress toward fitness goals, with results designed to into the new year.

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Living With Grief

Through specially planned workshops, participants will better understand their grief process through active engagement in activities that promote holistic, healthy grief work.

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Fit Week

Join us for our special fitness-themed week in July! Amp up your daily activity level and re-energize your fitness routine. July 14th – 21st

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Healthy Aging: Embracing Life’s Seasons

Healthy Aging Week

Healthy Aging Embracing Life’s Seasons April 28th – May 5th, 2019 Learn the Lasting Secrets of Wellbeing at Any Age Skyterra’s Healthy Aging Retreat, led by leading Conscious Aging luminary Dr. Lori Soli, inspires profound creative exploration and is designed for people in any season of life. Reflecting a paradigm shift in our cultural thinking…

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